5 New Financial Reports To Automate with LiveFlow

December 3, 2021

5 New Financial Reports To Automate with LiveFlow

Today, we are excited to announce a new handful of financial reports you can import, update and refresh from QuickBooks into Google Sheets with LiveFlow — all in just a few minutes!

The new reports include:

  • General Ledger
  • Transaction List
  • Income by Customer Summary
  • Sales by Customer Summary
  • Balance Sheet Detail

LiveFlow is the easiest way to pull financial reports from QuickBooks into Google Sheets. Hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers, and fractional CFOs use LiveFlow to automate their financial workflows, provide live reports to their clients, and close their clients' books 10x faster.

Here is what a few of our customers say:

  • Cheryl Lanahan, Plumbooks - "LiveFlow saves me time and tedium - no more downloading, copying and pasting into my spreadsheet. I LOVE it!!"
  • Jana Kovacovska, TinyCFO - "Automating whatever can be automated is always a good idea, LiveFlow helps with that"
  • Dan DeGolier, AscentCFO -"Our initial impression of LiveFlow is that it can be a big time-saver! We're excited to partner with them"
  • Josh Greenbaum, CFO Minded - "I just linked my first client and I honestly love this tool you’ve built!"

Learn more about LiveFlow here:

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