How to Unvoid a Check in QuickBooks

August 17, 2022

How to Unvoid a Check in QuickBooks

There are several reasons why you might void a check in QuickBooks. Sometimes, you have made a mistake on the check, and sometimes, you might even void the check by mistake. Whatever the reason that the check was voided to begin with, you will probably need to know how to unvoid a check in QuickBooks at some point.

QuickBooks doesn’t specifically have an unvoid option, but there is a workaround that will let you get the same thing done. Human error and other kinds of mistakes will always be a factor, so the QuickBooks team has given their users a reasonably simple solution. Here’s how it works.

Can you unvoid a payment in QuickBooks?

Yes. When you void a check in QuickBooks, you set the value of the check to zero, but the check is not deleted. This means that it is possible to edit the check and enter a value.

So the answer to the questions of can you unvoid a check in QuickBooks is yes, but the process is called auditing, and there’s no “unvoid” function in the QuickBooks system.

How do I unvoid a check?

Once you realize that you need to unvoid a check in QuickBooks, the process is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps:

·   Open QuickBooks

·   Search for the transaction you want to unvoid

·   Use the bottom bar to open more options

·   Click the Audit History option

·   Click the Show All button in the top right of the screen

·   View the transaction information

·   Use the back button, and re-enter the new information you want to use for the transaction

Technically, this process doesn’t unvoid a check – but it does allow you to re-enter the correct information in your system, which amounts to the same thing.

How do I unvoid a deposit in QuickBooks desktop?

The process to unvoid a deposit or transaction in QuickBooks is very similar to the process we’ve described, which is to audit and manually re-enter information for a transaction. When you do this, you replace the zero value of the voided check with the correct amount for that check.

Can you unvoid a voided check?

As mentioned above, there’s no function in QuickBooks that is called “unvoiding a check,” but there is an audit process that allows you to make changes to the information on the transaction, which is essentially the same thing. This will enable you to fix a check that was mistakenly voided.

When you complete this process in QuickBooks, you’re not technically unvoiding the check, but you are reissuing it with the same number and updated information, which really does amount to the same thing.

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Some of the processes in QuickBooks, like the audit function that allows you to essentially unvoid a check in QuickBooks, do require a fair amount of hands-on data capturing and management.

Ideally, your finance team will limit the frequency that you have to make manual updates like this by paying close attention to detail, but even the most cautious accounting teams sometimes have to fix this kind of problem.

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