QuickBooks Global: What Do You Need To Know?

October 11, 2022

QuickBooks Global: What Do You Need To Know?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software packages in the United States and Canada. However, if you don’t live in those countries (or you have branches in different countries) you might be wondering if there’s a QuickBooks global option. Here’s what you need to know.

Can QuickBooks be used internationally? 

Yes. QuickBooks Online Global was launched in 2012, so it’s already been around for ten years. QuickBooks also has several country specific websites for different parts of the world, and it’s currently being used by small and medium businesses in 130 different countries.

QuickBooks Online Global not only allows customers to access local specific information and tools, but it also connects teams in different countries. So if you have branches in different countries, you can all login to a central accounting system to view critical financial data.

QuickBooks can also be set up with a huge variety of currencies and tax systems, so if you have different divisions or companies in different places, you can set them up based on the local norms. This makes things a lot easier for your accounting and bookkeeping tools, because they can invoice and capture data in the currency each company works in, and there’s no need to calculate exchange rates!

Is QuickBooks Desktop being phased out 2022?

Yes. Support for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is being phased out in 2022. That doesn’t mean that the software will stop working completely, but it does mean that there will not be any more updates or security patches for the desktop system.

Like many software companies, the people behind QuickBooks have realized that it’s more efficient and even user friendly to offer cloud hosted solutions, so they’re focusing on that area going forward.

If you want to keep using your desktop version, make sure that you get all the updates that have been released. Support and updates officially ended on June 2022. So while you might still be able to get some tech support, there won’t be any upgrades or bug fixes.

Who owns QuickBooks now? 

QuickBooks is still owned by Intuit, which is the same software company that first created it way back in 1983. It’s no wonder that with nearly 40 years of development behind it, QuickBooks is the top accounting option for small businesses around the world!

What are the different levels of QuickBooks? 

The levels of QuickBooks depend on which country you happen to be in. QuickBooks’ international websites may have slightly different options depending on where in the world you are signing up from. However, on the QuickBooks Online Global site, the packages available are:

  • Simple start – made for small businesses and priced at $17 USD per month
  • Essentials – more advanced features for growing businesses, priced at $26 USD per month
  • Plus – for established businesses, priced at $36 USD per month

All of these packages have the option of a month free trial, and all of them are currently 70% off for the first three months.

Automate, Integrate and Simplify 

There’s a reason QuickBooks Online Global is such a popular product, and why so many people attend the QuickBooks conference when it happens.

Whether you’re an international QuickBooks user or based in the United States, the long history of the platform, the team behind it and the features the system offers is perfectly tailored to most small and mid-sized businesses. There’s also a growing trend towards automation and integration in businesses.

We want to get more done in less time, and cloud based packages like QuickBooks global makes it possible to do just that.

It also makes it possible to extend the core capabilities of software packages like QuickBooks. That’s why we created the LiveFlow platform.

QuickBooks is fantastic at collecting, calculating and storing accounting information. However, even with the standard reports that are built into the system, it’s not as flexible as some financial professionals would like.

LiveFlow integrates directly with QuickBooks and allows you to map key data to cells in your custom Google Sheets reports. This allows you to pull any information from anywhere in the system and use it in any custom calculations you choose. It also means you can give up to the minute financial information to people who need to see it, without allowing access to your accounting software system.

These kinds of integrations and automations extend and improve the functionality of QuickBooks even more and gives your team endless options and possibilities.

If you’d like to find out more about how LiveFlow can help you to extend and expand what QuickBooks can do for your team, we’d love to talk. Contact our team with your questions, or to book a free, live demo. We’re always happy to show you what you can really do with QuickBooks financial data!

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