QuickBooks consolidation
in under 3 minutes.

What used to take days can now be done in just a few clicks!
Make short work of inconsistent naming, multiple currencies, classes, and locations.
Your consolidated financial statements have never been easier.

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With LiveFlow, you get so much more
than a QuickBooks consolidation tool:

All of the flexibility and power of LiveFlow's core reporting platform.

Knock out consolidated financials in minutes!

Create digestible consolidated reporting dashboards in Google Sheets

Take 100+ report templates and customize them with your own KPIs and metrics

Share reports with stakeholders
in minutes and update them


customer satisfaction score


hours saved per month on consolidation

<2 min

customer support response times

Effortlessly consolidate accounts, even with inconsistent GL account names

LiveFlow handles inconsistent client or business data, which can take hours in QuickBooks Online. 
Saving you time and stress.
Effortlessly consolidate accounts sample report

Build impactful consolidated QuickBooks reports for stakeholders

Summarized financials for the board
Detailed financials for finance review
Financials for countries and business units
Quarter Reports

Break down live data by entity, dates, and trailing periods

Regardless of when your fiscal year ends or what months your clients need consolidated reports for, LiveFlow allows you to slice data in minutes.
Consolidated By Entity

Consolidate in 180+ currencies

Effortlessly consolidate multi-currency financials into intelligent reports. Instant accuracy for quick decisions.
Consolidate in 180+ currencies

Drill down into the numbers without opening each entity

With our platform, you can effortlessly compare the performance of multiple entities, pinpoint numbers, and dive into the nitty-gritty details, all without opening QuickBooks Online.
Drill down into the numbers without opening each entity

Consolidate reports by class and location

LiveFlow makes it easy to generate reports for a specific division or location of your business in minutes, providing insights into its performance.
Consolidate reports by class and location

Coming soon!

Eliminate inter-company accounts in a snap.

Select inter-company accounts with ease and breeze into your eliminated consolidation report without any worries.

Learn more about consolidation with LiveFlow

Consolidation case studies


Can QuickBooks Online consolidate financial statements?

Not natively, no. QuickBooks Online is a very capable cloud-based accounting platform, but it can struggle with the consolidation of multiple entities, classes, or currencies by default.

This is why many financial professionals turn to third-party integrations, like LiveFlow, to automate their consolidated financial reporting.

How can I consolidate financials in QuickBooks Online?

The process of manually consolidating financial statements in QuickBooks online can be time-intensive but generally involves exporting reports manually for each class or entity and importing them into your spreadsheet platform of choice.

From there, you will need to combine the data using manual calculations or complicated spreadsheet formulas.

Often, it takes entire teams of financial professionals multiple days to consolidate financial reports at month-end.