Alex Wittenberg of airCFO: LiveFlow Powers Our Data Infrastructure

April 10, 2024

Alex Wittenberg of airCFO: LiveFlow Powers Our Data Infrastructure

Alex Wittenberg is the CEO of airCFO, a large firm that assists over 200 venture-backed startups with finance, accounting, tax, and HR services.

Founded over a decade ago, airCFO has grown primarily through word-of-mouth and referrals, underscoring the value they provide their clients and the power of efficient, accurate financial reporting they provide to the fast-paced startup ecosystem.

Two Eras: Before LiveFlow and After LiveFlow

Alex and airCFO are foundational LiveFlow customers who have helped shape our product through a close partnership. In fact, airCFO joined the LiveFlow community after we graduated from the Y Combinator program in the winter of 2021.

However, LiveFlow hasn’t been a part of their tech stack since day one.

Before adopting LiveFlow, airCFO's reporting workflow was cumbersome and time-intensive. The process involved manually exporting data from QuickBooks, importing it into Google Sheets, and updating multiple deliverables for each client. This consumed significant time, added hassle, and introduced the risk of inaccuracies across financial reports.

Enter LiveFlow

The introduction of LiveFlow marked a turning point for airCFO. The platform's ability to automate data transfer from QuickBooks Online into customizable spreadsheet dashboards revolutionized their month-end closing and reporting process. 

By eliminating manual data entry, LiveFlow significantly reduced the time spent creating financial reports while enhancing their accuracy and consistency.

Creating the Data HQ

While many LiveFlow customers will save countless hours using our library of templates to speed up their reporting, airCFO took a different approach to scale their reporting for their 200+ clients.

What they created is a real testament to the power of LiveFlow in the hands of power users like Alex Wittenberg and his team.

“We created a centralized workbook for each client that we call our data HQ. This workbook is linked to about a half dozen LiveFlow reports. Then, we use that data HQ to produce all the end-state deliverables we present to our clients.

So, by creating that data HQ for each client, we can, with the click of a button, create a full suite of custom value-added reports that allow our team to give clients clear visibility into their financial picture.” 

Unfortunately, we can’t give you their secret recipe, but the beauty of their Data HQ is that it utilizes LiveFlow to pull in data consistently from QuickBooks Online. With custom formatting and formulas that don’t break on refresh, it allows them to create unique and valuable reporting with just a few clicks.

According to Wittenberg, creating that Data HQ allowed them to “Really supercharge our financial reporting and offer a differentiated service.”

TL; DR: LiveFlow's automation and customization allow airCFO's team to focus on analysis and strategic financial advice, delivering more value to their clients.


LiveFlow has substantially reduced the manual effort required for financial reporting at airCFO, saving approximately an hour per client per month. When you do the math, they serve over 200 clients with monthly reporting, so that’s over 8 full days of time saved for Alex and his team. 

Moreover, the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting provided by LiveFlow’s automated data imports fosters confidence within the team and strengthens client relationships, driving word-of-mouth referrals to airCFO.


Like dozens of other LiveFlow superfans, Alex Wittenberg enthusiastically recommends LiveFlow to other financial professionals looking to streamline their operations. 

Our platform's impact on airCFO highlights the potential for LiveFlow to transform financial reporting and analysis, allowing firms to offer a higher level of service and add more value to their clients. 

With LiveFlow, airCFO continues to lead in providing top-tier financial advisory services to the tech startup sector, proving that with the right tools, finance professionals can elevate their services to new heights.

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