Really appreciate the endless reporting capabilities! - Marie Phillips's Story

September 9, 2022

Really appreciate the endless reporting capabilities! - Marie Phillips's Story

Welcome Connected Accounting!

We sat down with Marie Phillips, the Owner and CEO of Connected Accounting to learn more about how she and the team use LiveFlow.

Quick insights about Connected Accounting

Tell us a little bit about Connected Accounting and how your team is organized?

Connected Accounting was founded with a vision to do business differently. In 2019, Marie (Phillips) Greene decided to reach beyond the norms expected of a financial services firm by creating one that provides peace of mind for entrepreneurs and business owners.

We now have a team of 14 employees (11 accountants) spread across the US. We love what we do and believe in leading with optimism and compassion. We are avid researchers, lovers of technology, and fearless problem solvers—we’re committed to keeping our people and culture at the forefront of our work.

Which tools do you use to be productive at work?

We place communication really high on our list of priorities so Google Suite, Slack, and Zoom are key to our success. We also rely heavily on Teamwork Projects and Desk to stay organized and track work statuses. 

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?

We manually downloaded reports into Google Sheet(sometimes up to 6 or 7) to review each of our 100+ entities. It was time-consuming and static, we couldn’t hit ‘refresh’ after making changes - instead, we had to re-download all the reports one at a time. 

Why did you choose LiveFlow?

LiveFlow is easy to use, intuitive, and applicable for all of our clients. The cost-to-time saving ratio was so worth it. We also loved the onboarding process and having direct access to LiveFlow’s support team.

Which value does LiveFlow bring to you personally, and your team?

It makes our team’s life easier, they don’t have to waste time and can focus on doing accounting work instead of reports manipulation. The ‘drill down’ tool also makes it easier for supervisors to review the accountants’ work directly from Gsheet, no need to log into QBO.

We didn’t expect to gain new reporting tools such as consolidation and custom reports creation. We have been able to finally create complex custom reports long awaited by clients. Really appreciate the ease with which the tool works and the endless reporting capabilities!

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