Customized Reporting for Better Decision Making - Melissa Leediker's Story

September 2, 2022

Customized Reporting  for Better Decision Making  - Melissa Leediker's Story

Tell us a little bit about Turquant Business Services?

I started Turquant Business Services after resigning from my career as a process improvement auditor. It was a high-travel position and I had just had my first child. I could no longer see a future in a career that wouldn't allowed me to hug her everyday. I work primarily with Custom Home Builders that are looking to grow and become more profitable. 

I love helping my clients eliminate their feelings of overwhelm and gain confidence about the future of their business.

Where does the name Turquant Business Services come from?

I'm skilled in and passionate about simplifying processes and sorting through messy systems to see the big picture and develop a plan for the future.

This passion for taking on difficult situations and coming out of them with a sense of clarity is how I came up with the name Turquant. 

Turquant combines the calming strength of turquoise with the tenacity and determination of the elephant.

Which tools do you use to be productive at work?

I use Clickup to develop workflows and establish business strategies. I also use TaxDome to keep track of all of my client related tasks, communication and documents. 

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?

Many of my clients use a variety of tools to manage their businesses. Each serves a legitimate purpose in their business, but that (sometimes) results in fragmented visibility or incomplete reporting.

Why did you choose LiveFlow?

Using LiveFlow, we’re able to bring all of the data together and see the big picture of their businesses to ensure we’re able to set and monitor their goals.

Which value does LiveFlow bring to you personally, and your team?

I save considerable time every month with all of my clients by streamlining my reporting efforts. LiveFlow also simplifies the presentation of information making it easier for my clients to read and understand. 

Anything else to add, please add whatever you think is valuable! 

LiveFlow allows me to create complete, customized reporting - including reports that mix accrual and cash reporting for better decision making without having to make any changes within their accounting software. 

Where can our readers find more about you and your firm?

Do you take on new clients right now, and if so, where can people reach out to you?

I am currently taking on new clients:

What’s a fun fact about you? :)

I started my career as an auditor with the US Army and volunteered to work for 6 months in Afghanistan- one of my favorite work locations.

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