LiveFlow Case Study with Kalshi

January 11, 2024

LiveFlow Case Study with Kalshi

LiveFlow Case Study with Kalshi's Yehuda Tenenbaum

Tell us a little bit about Kalshi and your clientele.

"Kalshi is the first regulated exchange dedicated exclusively to event contracts."

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?


Why did you choose LiveFlow? 

"LiveFlow is the only product I’ve found that does consolidation properly and easily. Being able to pull multiple reports instantly saves me a ton of time."

What value does LiveFlow bring to your team?

"Access to information. LiveFlow helps bridge the gap between the finance team and management. With the ease of Google Sheets collaborations, the separate teams can work together on something which until now has been primarily a function of the finance team."

How did you do consolidation before gaining access to LiveFlow’s consolidation product?

"Haha! Consolidate? Impossible before LiveFlow."

How does LiveFlow’s consolidation product make your life easier?

It gives me the power to map and remap any accounts exactly how I see fit for my particular needs. Extremely helpful for building high level reports as well as granular reports.

What do you have to say to a customer who’s wondering if LiveFlow’s consolidation product is worth their investment?

"Start a timer and go put together a consolidated report. As soon as your done the consolidation, you realize there’s one change you need to make to the books. Now you have to start the consolidation from scratch, otherwise, you’re bound to have something off. Imagine doing this every month or every time management needs a report. Now replace that with instantaneous access to proper consolidations without the need to redo anything if there are any updates after the fact. LiveFlow does it best."

Want to try out LiveFlow too?

The fastest, easiest and most flexible way to consolidate multiple entities. Consolidate financials in just 3 minutes, even with inconsistent GL account names across your entities. LiveFlow is used for consolidation by hundreds of companies, including Nelo Inc, Blue Collar Back Office, and many more.

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