How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks

August 19, 2022

How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks

Even if you’ve switched most of your payments to electronic, there’s a good chance you still have to issue at least a few checks every month. If you do, at some point, you will need to reissue a check. The good news is that if you use QuickBooks to print your checks, you don’t have to write them out by hand – but you might not know how to reprint checks in Quickbooks easily.

Let’s take a closer look at why you might need to reprint checks, how to reprint checks in QuickBooks, how to reprint payroll checks in QuickBooks, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need to Know How to Reprint Checks In QuickBooks? 

One of the biggest problems with checks is that they are tangible, so they can be damaged or lost. Which is often when you realize you need to reprint checks in QuickBooks.

Maybe a check got stuck in the printer when you printed it, or your printer ran out of ink during a check printing run. Or maybe a check got lost or damaged by the recipient or in the mail.

Whatever the reason, if your check recipient doesn’t have a clearly legible check, they won’t be able to deposit or cash their check and they will need another one from you.

Why Should You Print Checks from QuickBooks? 

Even if you already use QuickBooks to manage your business finances, you might be wondering why you should be printing checks from QuickBooks at all. After all, if you’re like most businesses, you’ve been moving towards digital payments for a while, and you probably don’t write that many checks anymore.

The best reason to print your checks from QuickBooks instead of writing them out manually is that doing so means you won’t have to re-enter the information at a later stage. After all, to keep your books accurate, you will need to record the check payment in the system.

Another good reason to print checks from QuickBooks is that it also makes it easier to do things like reprint checks or even void them if necessary.

When Should You Reprint Checks from QuickBooks?

Of course, when you are learning how to reprint checks from QuickBooks, you also need to consider when you will be doing this.

Most accounting and finance departments are quite busy and breaking the flow of work to do things like reprint one check at a time is not really feasible.

It’s a good idea, for that reason, to keep a list of checks that are problematic and that you do need to reprint and do so when you do your next check run. Some companies only do that once a month, while others might print checks more frequently.

The only exception would be if it’s a payroll check. Some employees might not be able to wait until your next check run to get their paycheck reprinted.

How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks 

The good news is that when you use QuickBooks to print your checks, the answer to the question of how to reprint checks in QuickBooks is pretty straightforward and simple.

Before you can reprint a check, you first need to find it. Once that’s done, reprinting it is quite simple. It’s also worth noting that QuickBooks lets you reprint more than one check at a time, so if you want to reprint a batch of checks, you can do that too.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to do that:

1. Login to your QuickBooks account

2. Open the menu you use to print checks

3. Look for the “reprint” option and click through to that screen

4. Search for the checks you want to reprint, and select them from the list

5. Click the print preview option

6. Select “Add Checks” from the drop down menu options

7. Select “Print,” choose your print settings, and reprint the checks you need to print

As you can see, the basic process of how to reprint checks in QuickBooks is quite simple, like most things in the QuickBooks package. There are several good reasons why it’s the world’s favorite accounting software, and one of those is that the system is so user friendly and intuitive!

How to Reprint Payroll Checks In QuickBooks 

Sometimes, you need to reprint payroll checks in QuickBooks. This might happen because an employee damaged or lost their check, or you might simply want to keep a record of your payroll checks. Whatever the reason, the process for how to reprint payroll checks in QuickBooks is quite simple. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Login to QuickBooks

2. Find the “Employees” menu in the top navigation pane

3. Click the menu item to open the Employees screen

4. Choose “Edit Paychecks” from the available menu options

5. Select the date range for the paycheck(s) you need to reprint

6. Choose the employee from the list of checks that appear when you have entered the start and end dates of the pay period in question

7. Double click the check you want to edit and reprint

8. With the check open, find the print tab and click it

9. Exit, and if you need to reprint more payroll checks, repeat the process

As you can see, if you know how to create payroll checks in QuickBooks, the solution to the question of how to reprint payroll checks in QuickBooks is quite simple!

How to Reprint Checks In QuickBooks Online 

If you use QuickBooks online to print your checks, there is a little bit of a different solution to the question of how to reprint checks in QuickBooks online. The good news is that because this is QuickBooks, it’s still very user friendly and easy to do.

1. Login to your QuickBooks online account

2. Go to “Business Overview”

3. Choose the “Reports” option

4. Find the “Check Detail” menu option and open it

5. Select the check you want to reprint from the list of options

6. Click print

As with the desktop version of QuickBooks, you can opt to print more than one check at a time in QuickBooks online. Also as with QuickBooks desktop, if you want to reprint payroll checks, you need to open the menu where you create payroll checks, find the check you want to reprint, click edit to open it and then reprint.

How to Avoid Printing and Reprinting Checks In QuickBooks 

As the world moves towards a paperless future, you probably don’t want to spend your time printing and reprinting checks every week or month. However, as long as you are using paper checks, there will always be some that are lost, damaged or incorrectly printed.

The best way to avoid the issue of how to reprint checks in QuickBooks altogether is to encourage your employees and vendors to accept digital payments and deposits. These are quick and easy to set up, secure, and a lot faster and easier for everyone involved.

Stay On Top of Changes In Your QuickBooks Accounting System 

One of the challenges of accounting is that everything is constantly changing. New entries, void checks, updated information can all change the financial picture for your business quite quickly.

QuickBooks is amazing for many things – including how to reprint a check in QuickBooks – but it’s not always as simple to create the exact reports your management team needs, when they need them. There’s still some manual work involved in exporting data, preparing it and presenting it the way it’s needed.

That’s why we built LiveFlow.

LiveFlow and the Google Sheets Add-On are designed to directly connect the data from your QuickBooks system with a custom Google Sheets reports spreadsheet. Whenever you change the information in QuickBooks, it automatically updates the information on your report. That means that the people who rely on up to date financial information to make important decisions always have what they need, at their fingertips.

If you’d like to know more about LiveFlow and how it can extend and enhance what your QuickBooks accounting system can do, contact our team. We’re happy to answer questions or schedule a demo.

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