LiveFlow vs. G-Accon

February 22, 2024

LiveFlow vs. G-Accon

LiveFlow vs. G-Accon

So you’re looking for a new reporting and consolidation platform for QuickBooks Online and unsure about choosing between LiveFlow and G-Accon? We get it. A lot is at stake when selecting a software partner for your business.

Let’s examine LiveFlow and G-Accon so that you can make the best choice for you and your business.

An Overview

At their core, G-Accon and LiveFlow are cloud-based platforms designed to automate and streamline financial reporting and data management by integrating QuickBooks Online with Google Sheets.

Still, regarding features for both platforms, LiveFlow offers a much more premium experience - which sets them apart.

For one, LiveFlow scales easier with our library of customizable templates, allows for much faster multi-entity consolidation, enables collaboration between you and your team with our workspace feature, and is SOC-2 certified - meaning your data is safe.

As the icing on the proverbial cake, LiveFlow also provides a fantastic customer success team that handles onboarding and any questions about the platform. With response times averaging just a few minutes, you are in good hands whenever you need to discuss a problem.

Flat out, LiveFlow is a premium platform for entrepreneurial financial professionals and finance teams who need to save time while creating impactful reporting. 

In contrast, G-Accon is a fundamental tool for folks just beginning their reporting journey.


One of the most significant pain points we hear from customers during our demos is that they are concerned with the security side of integrating a third-party platform into their QuickBooks Online reporting workflows.

As it stands, LiveFlow follows industry standards and is SOC-2 compliant, following AICPA standards; G-Accon is not SOC-2 compliant

Does that mean G-Accon is an unsafe platform for your financial data? Not necessarily, but they aren’t taking all available steps to ensure data security.

Additionally, LiveFlow is monitored 24/7 by auditors through Drata, and it has also been reviewed and approved by Synopsys, an Intuit-sanctioned auditor. 

Regarding the security of your data, there is no comparison: LiveFlow is miles ahead. 


Suppose you work with multiple entities or currencies and want to integrate a third-party app into your reporting workflow to speed things up. In that case, you need a tool that maximizes your reporting efficiency and saves you the most time possible.

That’s another area where LiveFlow excels over G-Accon.

Our consolidation platform allows you to connect to multiple QuickBooks Online entities and consolidate them in under 3 minutes—no need to log back into QuickBooks Online.

With G-Accon, you must log in and out to pull a report for each company every time. 

Our customers save up to 25 hours monthly on consolidated reporting due to our blazing-fast workflow. Can G-Accon say the same? 

LiveFlow vs. G-Accon
Consolidate your QBO data with LiveFlow

Connecting Companies

If you prepare financial reports for multiple businesses as a bookkeeper, accountant, or CFO, or if you’re a Finance pro within a company managing multiple entities, you can easily remember the pain of logging in and out of QuickBooks Online to go through various financials. 

With LiveFlow, you can connect as many QuickBooks companies as you want simultaneously, without having to log in and out. You can test this by creating reports for multiple companies, all in the same spreadsheet!

Meanwhile, with G-Accon, you can only connect to one QuickBooks company at a time to create reports. If you wanted to create a report for a different company, you’d have to log out of the existing company and into the second company, and so on. So, the option to create reports for multiple companies is still somewhat of a manual process.

Drill Down

The ability to drill down in your FP&A platform is necessary as an accountant or finance professional and is another value-add for LiveFlow.

Our platform allows you to drill down into each cell’s data without returning to QuickBooks Online. That’s not a possibility in G-Accon.

With G-Accon, you need to click on QuickBooks links that are provided for each cell in your spreadsheet, pop open another tab in your browser, go to QuickBooks Online, and log into the company in question. That’s not very efficient.

Simply put, LiveFlow’s automated process saves you time in a way that’s simply unmatched.

Financial Templates

If you’re an accountant, fractional CFO, or deal with multiple clients, you know the hassle of creating a new reporting dashboard in Google Sheets or Excel. Even with shortcuts and a speedy workflow, it can take several hours to get formatting and formulas working correctly.

With LiveFlow, you can get that time back! You can scale the use of our templates for all of your clients, duplicate custom reports, and turbocharge your reporting workflow.

Taking templates a step further, all of LiveFlow’s 100+ templates are customizable and allow you to add rows and columns of your data without breaking our templates’ formulas. Again, not possible with G-Accon.

LiveFlow allows you to create and customize one reporting template and scale it across multiple clients in just a few clicks—a huge time saver when dealing with dozens of clients.

While G-Accon works well for those running a small business with limited reports, if you’re looking to build customized reports for many different customers, LiveFlow is the way to go. 

Your next financial spreadsheet could be right here!
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Free Spreadsheet Templates


Are you part of a finance team and tired of manually switching QuickBooks accounts to collaborate on reporting tasks? LiveFlow solves that, too

With LiveFlow workspaces, you can collaborate with your entire team, making it easier than ever to get a project done. 

You can now connect your QuickBooks companies just once and then have the ability for your team to import reports in any Google Sheets spreadsheet for that company. 


No matter how you slice it, arguing with facts is hard. 

G-Accon is a good data connector and can be effective for running small business financial reports. 

LiveFlow is an excellent platform for scaling your business’ reporting. Our average customer saves 8 days a year on reporting tasks, and we’re taking steps every day to increase the efficiency of our platform.

So, If you’re looking for speed and flexibility in your reporting, a rock-solid customer success team, and want to scale your business, book a demo today to learn more about what LiveFlow can do for you. 

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