Uncategorized Transactions: (A QuickBooks & LiveFlow Overview)

December 5, 2022

Uncategorized Transactions: (A QuickBooks & LiveFlow Overview)

An uncategorized transaction in banking is when a transaction does not fit into any of the pre-defined categories that are used for tracking and organizing financial activities. This type of transaction can be confusing for many people, as it is not immediately obvious which category it should be labeled under.

Unclassified transactions can include transfers between banks, deposits, ATM withdrawals, and any other type of financial activity that does not fit into a traditional category. Understanding uncategorized transactions is important for keeping track of money and making sure that all financial activities are properly accounted for. It can also help ensure that taxes and other fees are accurately calculated.

In this article, we will explain uncategorized transactions in more detail and explain how to fix these sorts of transactions in QuickBooks and LiveFlow.

What does uncategorized transaction mean in banking?

An uncategorized transaction is any transaction that does not fall into one of the pre-defined categories used by a bank to track financial activities. For example, transfers between banks are often difficult to categorize, as the financial institution does not track the reason for the transfer. Similarly, if you withdraw cash from an ATM, the bank may not be able to identify the reason for the withdrawal.

Also, if you purchase something with a check or debit card, the bank may not be able to determine if it was for a business expense or personal use. This means that these transactions are recorded as uncategorized expenses until you manually categorize them with a software like QuickBooks.

What does uncategorized income mean?

Uncategorized income is a financial activity that does not fit into any of the standard transaction categories. It can be confusing to determine what type of income this is, as it does not fit into any of the standard categories. For many people, this can be a frequent source of confusion.

Recording incorrect income can result in incorrect tax calculations, as well as an inaccurate financial picture of a company’s finances. Therefore, it is critical to properly categorize all financial activities, including uncategorized income. If a transaction falls into this category, you should seek to determine what type of income this is and record it accordingly.

How do you categorize a transaction?

When you record a transaction in your bank account, you need to determine which category the transaction falls under. This will help you keep track of all of your financial activities, as well as make sure that the correct amount of income and expenses are reported.

For example, if you receive a payment from a client and it is deposited into your bank account, you need to determine what type of income it is. Is it a salary payment? a commission? or something else? There are various ways to categorize financial transactions, including considering the type of service provided, or the person who made the payment.

What is the purpose of the uncategorized accounts in QuickBooks Online?

The Uncategorized Accounts tab in QuickBooks Online is where transactions are placed if they cannot be categorized. The name of this tab is slightly misleading though, as it implies that it is an account, rather than a place where transactions are recorded.

It is important to keep track of all of these uncategorized transactions, as they will be used to determine taxes and other fees at the end of the year. If you can go through and sort these transactions into appropriate categories, it will help immensely when it comes to generating financial reports and tracking your finances in general.

How to find uncategorized transactions in QuickBooks

There are a few different ways to do this depending on which version of the software you’re using. That said, here is one easy method:

1.  First, open the Account Activity window. You can do this by clicking the Account Activity button at the top of the screen or by going to the Bank Feeds section of the File menu.

2.  Next, select the bank account that you want to review. This will show you a list of all transactions that have been recorded.

3.  Finally, you can use the Search function to search for transactions that were categorized as uncategorized.

How to fix transactions recorded to uncategorized expenses in QuickBooks

To fix transactions recorded to uncategorized expenses, first, select the transaction that you want to label. Next, click the drop-down menu next to the transaction and select the category that it should be labeled under.

It is important to select the correct category, as this will help you keep track of money and make sure that all financial activities are properly accounted for. If you incorrectly categorize a transaction, it can cause problems when it comes time to file taxes or create financial reports.

If the transaction was a cash withdrawal, you should select a category like Cash. For ATM or debit card purchases, you should select the appropriate expense category. Finally, for transfers between banks, select the category Bank.

LiveFlow's Uncategorized Transactions Template

LiveFlow is an excellent financial accounting platform that businesses can use to track and manage their finances. The platform offers many helpful templates, including an uncategorized transactions template, that you can use to record any uncategorized transactions you encounter. This makes it easy to sort through these transactions and relocate them to an appropriate category. The best part is that most of the templates on LiveFlow are completely free to download and use, so it’s definitely worth checking them out.


While it is important to keep track of all financial transactions, it is especially important to be careful with uncategorized transactions. This is because these transactions are often incorrectly recorded, which can make it difficult to keep track of money and keep accurate financial records. By following the steps above, you can identify and fix any uncategorized transactions in your QuickBooks account and keep track of your money more accurately.


LiveFlow is one of the best financial accounting platforms on the market in 2023 and it’s the perfect complement to QuickBooks and Google Sheets. As mentioned, LiveFlow features helpful templates, such as the Uncategorized Expense Template, and many of them are completely free to download and use.

LiveFlow also offers numerous tools that can help you simplify and automate your accounting workflow, such as the new Live Budget vs Actuals tool. Best of all, new users can explore the great features of LiveFlow with a free demo, so be sure to check out LiveFlow today.

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