Crystal Chantel & My Finance Spa: Crushing Reporting for Content Creators with LiveFlow

June 27, 2024

Crystal Chantel & My Finance Spa: Crushing Reporting for Content Creators with LiveFlow

Crystal Chantel is the founder and CEO of My Finance Spa, a full-service accounting firm specializing in tax and accounting services for content creators. 

Crystal has over 15 years of experience in public accounting but chose to start her own firm to serve her clients better, focusing on understanding their unique needs. Currently, My Finance Spa has around 30 clients and is a one-person team.

Helping Creators Track Their Finances

When starting her business, Crystal initially targeted brand and marketing experts, including agencies and content creators. However, she decided to specialize in serving solely content creators due to her passion for the industry and learning more about its unique challenges. 

Crystal's clients range across social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, probably including influencers and popular voices you’ve heard of.

Before using LiveFlow, Crystal used Fathom for her financial reporting. 

While Fathom had many features, it lacked the customization Crystal needed to tailor reports to her clients' needs. She couldn't create custom charts or drill down into the data, which frustrated her as an accountant. Crystal needed a more flexible solution that allowed her to customize her financial reports and understand the data thoroughly. 

Crystal explained, "The problem I had with Fathom is that it's not very customizable. There were things I wanted to do that I thought were pretty simple, like charts I wanted to create but couldn’t."

Enter LiveFlow

Crystal discovered LiveFlow while listening to the Accounting Podcast. She was initially drawn to the platform because of its seamless integration with QuickBooks and the ability to customize reports directly in Google Sheets. This flexibility allowed Crystal to create the exact reports her clients needed. 

"I love spreadsheets. All accountants do. And so I thought, okay, I can do whatever I want in a spreadsheet." Crystal shared.

Implementing LiveFlow has significantly improved Crystal's efficiency. She reduced the time spent on each client's report from an hour and a half to just 25 minutes. This time saving is substantial, freeing up roughly 30 hours a month that Crystal can now spend on other important tasks or taking on more clients. 

"I've got my reports down to 25 minutes per client, and that's everything. Not just the numbers, but even adding my insights and next steps for clients," said Crystal.

While Crystal hasn’t implemented LiveFlow for all of her clients to date, that is her plan moving forward.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Another major benefit of LiveFlow for Crystal is the excellent customer service. 

Initially, Crystal found setting up LiveFlow straightforward, but her lack of experience in Google Sheets was a limiting factor in making the most of the platform. Because of this, Crystal considered canceling her subscription. However, the LiveFlow team provided exceptional support, guiding her through the onboarding process and ensuring she could maximize the platform's potential. 

"The  customer service team said,  ‘We're here to support you, and we'll have one of our Google Sheets experts work with you.’” Crystal recalled. “And they did. They gave me exactly what I needed.”

During that time, Crystal also compared LiveFlow with G-Accon and found LiveFlow to be far superior after a trial. 

"Before I got the hang of LiveFlow, I almost switched to a different Google Sheets-based software, G-Accon, and it was clunky and just wasn't intuitive like LiveFlow. Where I needed help with LiveFlow was just building out certain things in Google Sheets itself but not with the LiveFlow software that has always been click, you see the reports, like it's very intuitive."

Now A LiveFlow Super Fan!

LiveFlow has transformed the way Crystal manages financial reporting for My Finance Spa. The platform's customization options and user-friendly interface have enabled her to provide high-value, tailored services to her clients and allowed her more time to scale her business. Moreover, the exceptional customer service has built a strong relationship between Crystal and the LiveFlow team.

Crystal is confident that LiveFlow will continue to support her business as it grows. The ability to reuse and customize templates for different clients means she can scale her services efficiently. Crystal highly recommends LiveFlow to other finance professionals for its customization, ease of use, and outstanding customer service. 

"For the customization, the ease of use, and customer service, I would hands down recommend LiveFlow," she stated.

For finance professionals looking to enhance their reporting processes and provide tailored services to their clients, LiveFlow offers a powerful solution. Book a demo today to see how LiveFlow can transform your financial reporting and save you valuable time.

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