Introducing LiveFlow Workspaces 🎉

June 8, 2022

 Introducing LiveFlow Workspaces 🎉

Today, we are launching workspaces, making it easier than ever to collaborate in LiveFlow!

Workspaces allow you to connect QuickBooks companies just once, and you and your team can import reports for those companies in any Google Sheet.

In other words – no more switching your QuickBooks account’s admin 🙌

Watch our video  announcing the launch of workspaces! 📹 👇

1 - You’ll now see a Workspace menu, which lets you switch workspaces, invite members, and more.

LiveFlow Workspaces
LiveFlow Workspaces

2 - See all your integrations in one place. If an integration needs to be reconnected, just hit Reconnect, and you can import reports in any Google Sheet.

LiveFlow Integrations within Workspaces
LiveFlow Integrations within Workspaces

3 - You can manage, and invite new members

LiveFlow Members within Workspaces
LiveFlow Members within Workspaces

4 - Finally, manage all your Google Sheets in one place and see which companies are connected to each sheet.

Overview of Google Sheets within LiveFlow Workspaces

Open a new Google Sheet with LiveFlow and try it out!

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