Import Data Into QuickBooks Online (Full Guide)

October 24, 2022

Import Data Into QuickBooks Online (Full Guide)

When you start using QuickBooks Online, you’ll probably want to import data into QuickBooks Online from your previous books.

Perhaps you switched accounting software because you were tired of using spreadsheets and wanted a more intuitive solution. Or maybe you use another program for invoicing clients but need to keep those invoices in the same system as your other financial records.

Either way, if you have been keeping track of your business transactions in a spreadsheet, then importing that data into QuickBooks Online is easy.

In this article, we will explain how to import data into QuickBooks Online. We'll also answer some of the most common questions about this process.

Can you import data into QuickBooks?

Yes, you can import data into QuickBooks. You can also export data from QuickBooks if you need to share it with others, or if you want to import that data back into QuickBooks. While some programs allow you to export your data and then import it into another program, QuickBooks works differently.

It uses an “importer” that allows you to bring data directly into your books. You can import data from a number of different sources, including Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and QuickBooks Desktop.

How to import data into QuickBooks Online

There are a few different ways that you can import your data into QuickBooks Online from a spreadsheet or other application. In previous articles, we've covered how to perform this operation manually.

In this article, we will explain how to use the new QuickBooks data importer function to make the process even easier and less time-consuming.

Can I import a CSV file into QuickBooks Online?

Yes, you can import a CSV file into QuickBooks Online. However, if your CSV file is large, then you might want to break up the file into smaller pieces and upload the data in batches, this just makes the process go a bit faster and helps to ensure that you don’t overload your computer.

That said, if you have a decent computer and don’t mind waiting a bit longer then you can go ahead and upload the whole file in one go.

How to import a CSV file into QuickBooks Online

If your data is in a spreadsheet, and you want to import it directly into QuickBooks Online, you’ll need to export it as a CSV file. Once you’ve created the CSV file, you can upload it to your computer and import it into your account.

Follow these steps to use the data importer in QuickBooks:

1. Log into your QuickBooks Online account

2. Select “Settings" from the menu, and select "Import Data.”

3. Now, upload your sample CSV file and select “Next.

4. The map field screen will now open. Match the data in QuickBooks with the data in your CSV file to ensure everything is correct.

5. Once everything looks good, simply click the “Import” button to begin the data migration.

That's pretty much all there is to it. The wizard will then import the data and prompt you to configure the settings for that data however you would like. One good option is to set up automatic updates so that your spreadsheet data can sync with your QuickBooks accounts.

By doing so, you won't need to manually update your data item by item like you would need to do in Excel or Google Sheets.

Can I import Excel data into QuickBooks Online?

Yes, you can import Excel data into QuickBooks Online. Follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to import your Excel data into your account. QuickBooks Online will also recognize any formulas that you’ve included in your Excel data.

It will translate those formulas into fields so that you can properly categorize your data.


Spreadsheets are very handy when it comes to inputting your financial data, but these days, QuickBooks Online can update that data automatically. So, it’s a good idea to import your spreadsheet data into QuickBooks so that it’s easier to manage and keep track of. You can import a CSV file manually or use the new data importer. Either way, the process is quick and easy.

Also, if you want to go the other way and connect your Quickbooks Online data to Google Sheets and create stunning and impactful dashboards that automatically update, we wrote a comprehensive guide featuring a comparison of all available third party integrations.


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