How you can build the future of finance automation with us

January 14, 2022

How you can build the future of finance automation with us

As a growing startup ourselves, we have to prioritize ruthlessly and decide which product features we should focus on, which growth strategies to explore, which markets to conquer and when to raise our next round. However, all of these would be senseless without one important thing - you, our customer.

Our winter 2021 experience at Y Combinator, the most prominent startup accelerator from the US, which also backed Stripe, Airbnb and DoorDash, solidified this main narrative. Each and everyone on the team talks to customers on a daily basis - from Engineers to Operations people. We are absolutely obsessed over it and see no other way to build a product that people will truly love.

But how do you do it, you ask. Well, the answer is simple and you are about to figure out what the journey is, read on!

How we treat you

Fortunately for us, you are very tech-savvy and always on top of the latest tech trends. Apart from your keen interest in new cloud-based software like LiveFlow, you are oftentimes equipped with modern communication tools. 

This immediate vicinity helps us to connect continents from the Americas through Europe to Australia and just be around when we need to have a chat. 

So what does it entail?

1. You get personal support from real people, not soulless bots. 

This means we can connect 1:1 and discuss your business needs, set up your personal automated dashboard and make sure everything is accurate.

2. You get instant support.

“Instant” means that your message is received, acknowledged and replied. This isn't the case for days- it might be seconds!

3. You can easily suggest features and things we should build.

We are sure you have some great ideas about how we should improve our product, and it's our job to make those dreams come true. Read more about this below.

How we build together

Have you ever dreamt of shaping the exact solution to the most burning problem you are facing regularly?

Have you ever envisioned a product specifically tailored to solve your problem?

Well, then you've come to the right place. That's exactly how we build products at LiveFlow.

Many of you are surprised to discover that you can influence product decisions and shape the solution of your dreams by just sharing your thoughts and feedback. No kidding! 

We want to empower you to build better businesses, get more clients, feel confident and thrive at work. So why not hear all the thoughts you have collected after acquiring that many years of practical experience? 

In practice, after collecting feature requests and understanding our next release that will make you more productive, we create a design mockup and send it out with a few favorite options for you to choose from. It is fair to say that during these conversations we learned a ton about why you love something and how we can improve the product and experience for you.

We understand your pain and frustration with the old-school way of submitting feedback forms. Been there, done that - that’s why we are here, just a message away, for you.  Now all our voices can be heard. 

How we hear you out

So, once you delegate your manual work to LiveFlow, what do you do? We hope you smile, have more time for something more strategic, and generally enjoy the benefits of a better work-life balance. It’s truly important for us to hear how you are doing and whether we meet your expectations. Just look here what some of our customers said: 

“LiveFlow saves me 12+ hours a month” - Jason Koscinski, the founder and CFO at JRK Financial based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, uses LiveFlow to close his books faster and automate his reporting for 50+ companies and beyond. Learn more about Jason’s story here.

“LiveFlow is everything we were looking for in a solution” - Jessie Smith, a manager a Schaper Energy Consulting from Houston, Texas, saves 4+ hours a month on tax preparation only with LiveFlow. Dive in to get more details in the case study here.

And more feedback from the West Coast:

“LiveFlow allows me to scale my business“ - Josh Greenbaum, the founder and CFO of CFO Minded based in Los Angeles, California, is actually hiring more people since LiveFlow gave him his time back to focus on scaling his practice client- and team-wise. Read the full case study here.

These and many other stories give us wings to build better LiveFlow for you, every day. If you feel excited to explore how you can automate your month-end reporting in no time, install LiveFlow Google Sheets Add-on for QuickBooks from Google Marketplace. Give it a go and feel free to join the community of like-minded people who are happy to welcome you and hear your thoughts. Let’s work smart, not hard and build the future of finance automation together! 

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