How To Automate Your Financial Planning & Analysis

October 2, 2021

How To Automate Your Financial Planning & Analysis

Have you ever tried manually exporting long lists of CSVs from Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite and over to your spreadsheet to update this month’s actuals manually? And even tried manually exporting lengthy bank statements to report on your Cash Flow? Asked yourself how to do financial planning and analysis properly? The list of manual things the finance team does is endless, and we are guessing that you have tried most of these cases already. Like most other Finance Teams, you are probably swamped in these tedious manual tasks that don’t add much value to your work.

So why not do it smarter, become efficient, automate manual tasks and 10x your team productivity? Well, the time has come. Say hello to LiveFlow 👋

Your Next Level Spreadsheet

LiveFlow lets you automate all your month-end reporting processes, get all your finances into one place, and foster controlled collaboration within your organization.

Think about LiveFlow as a spreadsheet on steroids which lets you instantly connect real-time data to your budgets, so you never have to worry about manual import and export again so even setting up a Marketing P&L will be a walk in the park.

LiveFlow integration with accounting platforms

Video: LiveFlow integration with accounting platforms

On top of that LiveFlow lets you put all your financials under one roof and create customized and personalized dashboards to track the data you want with integrations such as +12,000 banks, Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Stripe, Shopify, and more without any stress.

If you are just starting out and mainly taking care of your Burn Rate and Runway, we have a convenient solution for you.

What You Will Benefit From

It goes without saying that automating your FP&A function comes with massive benefits, but here are just a few of them:

  • You and your team will save 2 working days a month
  • You can focus on strategic finance work to help drive value to the whole business
  • You can spend more time analyzing and making strategic decisions rather than wasting time doing data entry work.
  • You will become a key partner to the C-Suite team and make sure everyone in your team understands the benefits of a fully transparent organisation, like Netflix
  • Your C-Suite will love the board and investor reports you prepare
  • And much more

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Set your financial reporting on autopilot. Goodbye manual work.

Eliminate manual data entry and create customized dashboards with live data.