Best Finance Newsletters for Finance Professionals

December 14, 2021

Best Finance Newsletters for Finance Professionals

Succeeding and thriving in any career is about more than just technical proficiency. To be seen as a leader, rather than simply someone who is competent, you need to do more and know more than your peers. 

As FP&A automation becomes more advanced, it will become more important than ever to be among finance professionals that are ranked at the top of their game. While automation and AI will never fully replace accountants, they will change the profession, so you want to be sure you’ve considered more than just an accountant. You need to be an irreplaceable asset. 

Fortunately, while there are some ways to improve your professional standing (like taking courses, attending conferences, and maintaining your ongoing professional learning requirements) there are some quicker ones too.

Are financial newsletters worth it? Definitely. Reading the right finance newsletters can be very beneficial to your career as an accountant. Here are twelve of the best finance newsletters to put on your list. What is the best financial newsletter? You decide after you check them out!

1) Accounting Today

Accounting Today is an online magazine focused on information that public accountants need to know. This includes tax, insurance, business advice and auditing, among other topics. The magazine is based in New York City, so content is more relevant to accountants based in the USA, but there are valuable tips for global finance professionals too. 

Accounting today has a subscription-based membership option that costs $2.50 per week, or you can choose to sign up annually, at a cost of $129.  

2) Accounting Web

Accounting Web is a UK-based online magazine for accountants. It covers tax law, practice tips for accountants who work for themselves, business, accounting tech, industry insights and more. You can register to create an account to become part of the community and access additional features on the site too.

Accounting Web does offer a membership option, and you can sign up free on the site. Membership will allow you to access additional content that is not available to public users. 

3) Tear Sheet

Tear Sheet is an online publication based in New York that is exclusively focused on fintech. So, if you want to know about the latest advances in technology for accountants and finance professionals, this is where you will find out. 

Tear Sheet has a membership program called Outlier. It is a paid subscription, and there are monthly, quarterly, and annual packages ranging in price from $49 per month to $499 per year. They all offer additional tools and content, but annual members also get access to networking and other events. 

4) Finledger

Finledger is another tech-focused finance site and newsletter. This time, however, they’ve got a broader focus, including banktech, fintech, proptech, insurtech and payments. So, this Texas-based publication really does deliver the full spectrum of news about all things tech that affects accountants and financial professionals. 

You can sign up to become a member of Finledger, which allows you to do additional research about companies that interest you, and to bookmark content that interests you. 

5) Fin Tech Magazine

Can’t get enough fintech news? Good. Fin Tech Magazine is another publication that dives deep into this sector, including news and reviews about new technologies in fintech, crypto, digital payments, venture capital and more. Like the other fintech publications on this list, this is crucial reading for accountants and finance professionals who want to stay on top of innovation in the industry. 

The subscription comes free of charge.

6) The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times, like other publications here, focuses on technology and startups that are changing the way accountants and finance professionals do their jobs, but it also dives a little deeper. Here, you can learn about fintech startups and crypto, but you can also discover more about blockchain, which is a crucial technology for so many applications. There are also sections about cyber security (super important now that we work on the cloud) wealth tech, among others. A good all-round resource for the technically minded. 

The Fintech Times is the online version of a traditional magazine, so there is no online community to join. 

7) Fintech Today

If you like your fintech news more conversational and less formal, you will love this blog and community. They cover all the latest industry news and information you need, but it reads a little lighter and might be easier to follow if you’re just dipping a toe into the technology side of things. You can also join the community with a free or paid plan, and get news, access to jobs at fintech startups and more. 

Fintech Today has a subscriber-based community. Regular pricing is $25 per month, but there is a one-month free trial so you can see what it is all about before you commit. 

8) Fintech Futures

Looking for a no-fluff, deep dive into all fintech-related? This site is probably perfect. Not only do they offer US-focused and international editions, so you can see the news you need and that’s most relevant to you, but they in-depth reports and white papers, so you can really get all the information you need. There are job and events pages too, so if you’re looking to move into the fintech sector, you might find your next role here. 

Fintech Futures have a strong 35,000+ community of fintech professionals, and the sweet part is that the registration comes for free.

9) Thriveal Thrivecast

Something a little different, but no less valuable. This site and podcast are focused on more traditional accounting topics, but they also offer some important “thought leadership” style content that can really get you thinking. If you’re an accountant or finance professional looking to learn from the best in the industry, so you can improve your management and business style, this is a great resource. Plus, it’s a podcast, so you can listen to it while you get other things done. Who said you can’t multitask?

Thriveal does have a subscriber-based community, but they review everyone before you can sign up. So, you will need to apply before you can subscribe to this one. 

10) The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street is one of the world’s most famous financial districts, and The Wall Street Journal is one of the best finance publications out there. This one has everything from corporate news to market information, tech, startups, opinion pieces and more. If you love reading about global economies, the intersection of politics and finance and more, this one is not to be missed. 

Some content is behind a paywall, but costs are low, and there is some free content available. Normally, it costs $12.97 per month to subscribe, but there is a current special offer that will get you full access for just $2 a month! So, if you’re considering signing up, now is a good time to do so! 

11. Kiplinger

If you are interested in personal finance, either because you work for individuals or because you’re in a small business environment, you can’t go wrong with Kiplinger. It’s packed with all kinds of information about investments, retirement, small business and taxes for individuals and small businesses. Well worth a read.

A Kiplinger subscription will cost you $29.95 for one year or $39.90 for two. 

12. The Street

The Street carries some content about most finance topics, but they really shine when it comes to investment news. So, if this is an area of interest to you, or you want to broaden your knowledge or just keep your finger on the pulse, you should definitely add this to your reading list. 

The Street offers several different paid subscription options, tailored to specific interest groups. There are free trials for all of them though, so you can try each option out before you commit to any paid subscriptions. 

The truth is, there will never be such a thing as too much knowledge. While we can never know everything about anything, we can strive to always keep learning, and thanks to the Internet, there’s an endless stream of information literally at our fingertips. 

Whatever industry you work in, and whatever your interests are, if you are in accounting or a finance professional, there’s sure to be at least one blog, site or newsletter on this list that will teach you things you didn’t know before. There’s nothing quite as valuable as knowledge too and broadening yours can definitely help your career as an accountant or finance professional. 

Here at LiveFlow, we’re very focused on technology, and always looking for new ways to automate your routine tasks so that you can focus on more important things. However, we don’t limit our reading and learning to those narrow topics. We all read a very eclectic mix of news, reviews and how-tos about all kinds of topics in Finance, Economics, Politics and more. It’s how our team here at LiveFlow can stay ahead of the curve, take advantage of new technologies, and find new problems to solve. 

So, if you’re still wondering how to get ahead in your career in Finance or Accounting, perhaps it’s time to put your feet up and pick up the (virtual) paper. You’ll be surprised what you can discover in just a few minutes a day. 

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