2023 Top Accountants and Finance Professionals

November 28, 2023

2023 Top Accountants and Finance Professionals

In the dynamic intersection of technology and finance, some individuals stand out, pioneering new paths and setting benchmarks for excellence.

At LiveFlow, we've taken a deep dive into the world of Financial Planning and Analysis to spotlight those who are not just mastering their craft but are also seamlessly integrating technology into the fabric of strategic finance.

2023 Top Accountants and Finance Professionals

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Nayo Carter-Gray

Nayo Carter-Gray is a beacon in the world of accounting and technology. As the founder of 1st Step Accounting LLC, she transforms the daunting task of accounting into a manageable endeavor for small business owners. With her philosophy of making accounting "a little less taxing," she leverages technology to offer innovative, virtual accounting services.

A passionate advocate for community and environmental consciousness, Nayo's approach combines financial acumen with a tech-savvy, paperless system. Her recognition as a Hubdoc Top 50 Cloud Accountant and a "Top 100 Must-Follow Tax Twitter Account in 2020" underlines her influence in the field. Nayo's expertise not only guides businesses but also shapes the future of accounting practices.

Dan Luthi

Dan Luthi, Partner at Ignite Spot Outsourced Accounting, is a prominent figure in financial strategy and technological integration, widely recognized for revolutionizing accounting, reporting, and tech systems across various industries in the U.S. His expertise extends to multiple sectors, including pharmacies, restaurants, and golf courses. Dan's significant role in software advisory boards exemplifies his dedication to shaping tools that meet end-users' needs, highlighting his proficiency in financial modeling and technological innovations.

Living in Utah with his family, Dan balances his professional achievements with personal pursuits, notably woodworking. This hobby not only showcases his creativity but also provides a respite from his influential work in outsourced accounting and financial technology. Dan Luthi is more than an advisor; he is a visionary in integrating financial strategies with evolving technologies.

Amy Walker, CPA

Amy Walker, at the helm of Walker Glantz, stands out in the financial world, blending cutting-edge technology with strategic finance to redefine the accounting landscape. Her leadership underscores the critical importance of integrated accounting and finance functions for the success of businesses. At Walker Glantz, this ethos translates into a synergy of traditional accounting practices with innovative financial strategies, positioning the firm at the forefront of collaborative and holistic business growth.

Walker Glantz sets itself apart through a unique model of combining in-office expertise with virtual collaboration among accounting and tax specialists. This approach enables the firm to offer comprehensive, client-focused services, simplifying financial management for businesses by replacing the need for multiple service providers.

Terrell A. Turner, CPA

Terrell Turner, a strategic finance expert, stands out for his skill in simplifying complex accounting principles, especially for law firms. His influence extends beyond traditional bookkeeping, as he's a recognized voice in media with his show "Business Talk Library." Here, he offers insights drawn from his extensive experience in both Fortune 500 companies and the small business world.

Additionally, Terrell is the managing partner of a New York Times acknowledged accounting firm and has been honored as a "40 Under 40" Black CPA and NACVA. His career includes over 13 years in various finance leadership roles and as the finance head of a private equity-backed tech company. His roles in the Lander University Foundation and the Jeffrey and Harriet Lampkin Foundation further showcase his dedication to making business and organizational leadership more approachable and less complicated.

Roman Villard

Roman Villard is more than a Certified Public Accountant; he's a business enthusiast with a deep passion for growth, innovation, and helping entrepreneurs build better lives through their businesses. With over a decade of experience, his expertise extends beyond traditional accounting to guiding visionaries in various stages of business development. He thrives on building, tinkering, and collaborating with smart, creative individuals, valuing discipline, grit, and the innovative spirit. Roman's approach is community-centered, understanding that success comes through diverse paths and that listening to others' visions is key to mutual growth and achievement.

At Full Send Financial (FSF), Roman focuses on capital-backed early-stage businesses and high-growth SMBs, offering best-practice bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting to enhance their financial futures. His areas of specialty include Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Business Development, along with a keen insight into Financial Tech Stacks, Go-To-Market Strategy, Sales Process, and Messaging. With ambitious goals for the next 5-10 years, Roman aims to lead Full Send to industry prominence, become a pivotal network connector in Colorado, and assist in $100M of Early-Stage Fundraising.

Josh Greenbaum

Josh Greenbaum's story is a compelling blend of traditional finance acumen and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Based in Denver, Josh transitioned from a conventional role in a Big Four accounting firm to an advisory CFO role, driven by his realization that the traditional path of khakis and mediocre wine gatherings wasn't for him. Over 15 years, he has supported startups, celebrities, and founders in raising funds, expanding teams, and preparing for business exits. He brings big business sophistication to small businesses, catering to solo entrepreneurs and rapidly growing teams alike.

A dedicated outdoor enthusiast, author, and supporter of consulting, digital marketing, and management and talent representation companies, Josh stands out in his field. His book, ‘Numbers Scare Me & Other Excuses: A business owner’s guide to lead like a CFO,’ educates business owners on mastering financial control and leading with confidence and purpose. His journey is a testament to the power of stepping out of comfort zones, embracing change, and leveraging expertise for diverse business needs. Josh's presence in the entrepreneurial landscape of Denver is marked by a distinct blend of professionalism, adventure, and educational outreach, encapsulating his journey from traditional finance to entrepreneurial mentorship and leadership.

Peter Olejniczak

Peter Olejniczak demonstrates a distinctive blend of expertise in finance and accounting, with a specialization in addressing the needs of construction companies and Buildertrend users. His career pivot from the aerospace sector to finance highlights his adaptability and diverse skill set. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Aerospace Science from the University of North Dakota, emphasizing his versatility and commitment to continuous learning.

Additionally, Peter maintains a dynamic presence outside of his professional sphere as a dedicated cyclist, currently riding for Project Echelon Racing in the USA.

Andrew Gauthier

Andrew Gauthier is widely recognized for his expertise in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), particularly in the realm of startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with transformative goals. His entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by a passion for collaborating and aiding in new ventures, making him a trusted partner in the industry. Andy is skilled in financial modeling, scenario planning, fundraising, technical accounting, and business process improvement.

As the President and CFO Consultant of Mighty startup, he is a dynamic figure in the financial and operating sectors. His substantial experience comes from years of successfully launching and scaling up businesses across the globe. Particularly noted for his work with small businesses, Andrew is not only an investor but also a passionate advisor, especially drawn to early-stage ventures, sustainable business models, and businesses with healthy unit economics. His impressive track record includes securing over $25 million in equity and debt capital and playing a pivotal role in M&A initiatives, encompassing everything from identifying targets and conducting due diligence to integrating post-acquisition.

Aliyyah Abdullah  

Aliyyah Abdullah brings over 15 years of experience in finance, predominantly in the food and beverage sector, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Her career, rooted in Trinidad and Tobago, extends through various significant roles, highlighting her proficiency in managing cross-functional teams, board reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and process improvement. A member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), she holds a BSc. Hons. in Management Studies. Her non-linear career path has included pivotal roles in both a Fortune 500 company and the public sector, contributing to her broad perspective in the field.

Aliyyah's academic contributions include a paper aimed at empowering junior finance professionals, earning a nomination for a Rubery Award in 2022. Renowned for her engaging posts on finance, management, and supply chain updates, she leverages her unique insights into supply chain value in SMEs. In 2022, Aliyyah relocated to Canada to pursue an MBA, continuing to share her extensive knowledge and experience. She encourages connections from those interested in finance, management, and supply chain topics, further demonstrating her dedication to the industry.

Josh Aharonoff

Josh Aharonoff, a New York-based CPA, is renowned for his practical finance and accounting tips, particularly for startups, shared through his innovative cheat sheets and posts on LinkedIn. With a unique background as a CPA and experience running his own company for two years, Josh is exceptionally skilled at addressing complex finance and accounting challenges faced by startups.

He has played a pivotal role in helping founders raise over $400 million in the past three years and has actively advised more than 40 startups. Josh's excel templates are a testament to his expertise, having been downloaded by over 10,000 people, and are considered a valuable resource in the finance and accounting sector.

Paul Barnhurst

Paul Barnhurst, popularly known as "The FP&A Guy," is a seasoned finance professional with over a decade of experience in financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Holding degrees from Brigham Young University and Arizona State University, including an MBA specializing in finance, Paul has worked across various industries such as government, travel services, finance, automotive, cyber security, and eCommerce. His expertise lies in budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, and financial modeling. Recently, he ventured into entrepreneurship with his business "The FP&A Guy," offering FP&A consulting and training services, along with content creation for webinars, blogs, and LinkedIn.

Residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Paul is passionate about outdoor activities and is an active content creator on LinkedIn, where he shares his insights in the FP&A space. He contributes to the professional growth of others through his training on essential skills like Excel, data visualization, and storytelling. Paul also hosts two successful podcasts, "FP&A Today" and "Financial Modeler’s Corner," bringing together leading voices in finance and FP&A. His advocacy for FP&A tools extends to research and publications, including "The 3rd Generation FP&A Market Guide," showcasing his dedication to the field.

Nicolas Boucher

Nicolas Boucher, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a distinguished finance professional specializing in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), and recognized for integrating technology with strategic finance. With his extensive experience at Thales and PwC, Nicolas has developed expertise in areas like controlling, budgeting, forecasting, and cross-cultural management. His career, spanning over a decade, includes working in five countries across three continents, enriching his understanding of diverse work cultures.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nicolas is committed to educating finance professionals in leveraging AI and ChatGPT, offering both team workshops and individual training. He has trained over 3,000 people, aiming to assist over a million finance professionals in their career growth. In his personal life, Nicolas cherishes spending time with his family, exploring culinary delights, and indulging in outdoor activities. He maintains a deep connection to his French heritage, particularly his hometown Brittany, which he holds in high esteem for its beauty and cuisine.

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