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4-Step Easy Guide to Encrypt Excel Files

In this article, you will learn to password-protect Excel workbooks in 4 easy steps.

Workbook encryption in Excel

The ‘Encrypt with Password’ feature in Excel is used to password-protect your entire workbook. This feature is particularly useful if the Excel file contains confidential information.

For example: Highly sensitive information such as salaries of staff can be password-protected using the ‘Encrypt with Password’ feature in Excel.

How to password-protect Excel files? (Easy step-by-step guide)

Step 1: Click on the ‘File’ ribbon in the Excel toolbar

Step 2: Click on ‘Info’, then select ‘Protect Workbook’ and click on ‘Encrypt with Password’

The page you see when you click the “File” button in the toolbar in Excel

Step 3: Enter a password and then re-enter the password

Step 4: Click on ‘OK’

The Excel is now encrypted. To ensure it is password protected, close and reopen the Excel file. If the below pop-up message is displayed, the file is successfully encrypted. 

Pop-up message displayed by Excel when opening encrypted files

Note: Passwords are case-sensitive and cannot be recovered if lost. It is highly recommended to maintain a list of encrypted Excel file names and corresponding passwords in a safe and secure way.

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