How to Connect Google Sheets to Excel

April 29, 2022

How to Connect Google Sheets to Excel

We all know that Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet application and it's hard to beat it for data analysis. However, sometimes you need to access your information in Google Sheets and Excel without having two disconnected versions of the same file.

Or you maybe found some great software like LiveFlow that automatically refreshes your data in Google Sheets but still can’t live without that fantastic Excel fluency you developed.

The good news? There is a way to make a seamless connection between Google Sheets and Excel. 

Sharing your Google Sheet

  • Head over to your Google Sheet that you want to be synced with Excel.

  • Click File in the top left corner → SharePublish to the web.

Google Sheet Publish to Web
Google Sheet Publish to Web

  • Decide whether you want to publish the entire document or just a tab.

  • In the drop-down menu on the right choose Microsoft Excel.

  • Navigate to Published Content and Settings and restrict access if needed.

  • Make sure you have Automatically republish when changes are made tick-box ticked, click Publish and copy the link.

Well done! You've just created a link that downloads your sheet to Excel. Now we want Excel to read this file and update it in real time.

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Importing into Excel

  • Open Excel and navigate to the Data tab

  • Click Get Data From Other Sources From Web

  • Paste you Google Sheets URL

  • Preview the file and click Load.


Importing web data into Excel

Boom! 🎉 Now you’ve connected your Google Sheets to Excel. 

Making data live

To make your Excel file refreshed with the most recent data, do the following:

  • In the Data tab click Queries & Connections  and choose your table.

  • Click the button with three dots and then Properties.

Select how frequently you want your Excel file to be refreshed: check the box Refresh every X minutes or Refresh data when opening the file. Save it!

Referesh in Excel

Now, Excel will refresh your Google Sheets data every X minutes or/and when you open the file. Google also takes 5 minutes to republish updates to the web.

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