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ISNUMBER Function in Excel: Explained

In this article, you will learn how to use the ISNUMBER formula in Excel.

What is the ISNUMBER formula in Excel?

The ISNUMBER function in Excel is a logical function that tests whether a given cell contains a numeric value or not. The formula returns the Boolean value "TRUE" if the cell contains a number and "FALSE" if it does not.


When is the ISNUMBER function beneficial in Excel?

The ISNUMBER formula in Excel is used in multiple scenarios, please see below for some common uses of the ISNUMBER function:

  1. Data cleaning: If you are working with a large dataset, the chances of encountering non-numeric data in a column are high. The ISNUMBER function can help you quickly identify such cells and clean the data.
  2. Data validation: If you have a data validation rule that allows only numeric data, you can use the ISNUMBER function to validate the data entered in a cell. If the function returns FALSE, it means that the data entered is not numeric.
  3. Formula manipulation: You can use the ISNUMBER function in combination with other functions, such as IF or SUMIF, to perform calculations only on cells that contain numeric values.

How to use the ISNUMBER formula in Excel

  1. Select the cell where you want to display the outcome.
  2. Type the following formula into the cell: =ISNUMBER(
  3. Enter the cell reference or value after the open parenthesis and then close the parenthesis.
  4. The cell should now display the ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ value depending on the input.



See below for how the formula is used:

How to use the ISNUMBER function in Excel

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