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How to Rename a Google Sheet File

In this article, you’ll see how to rename a Google Sheet file when you need to, when you find a typo in a filename, or you change content completely.

What is renaming a Google Sheet file?

Renaming a Google Sheet file means giving it a new name or changing the existing name of the file to a different one. The name of a Google Sheet file appears at the top left corner of the file when you open it and in your Google Drive folder.

Why do you need to rename a Google Sheets file?

Renaming a Google Sheets file can be necessary for several reasons:

  1. Clarity and organization: Giving a file a descriptive and specific name can make it easier to identify and locate in your Google Drive folder. This is especially helpful if you have multiple files with similar names or if you are sharing the file with others. For example, you can add a date or a version at the end of file name to differentiate it from similar files.
  2. Collaboration: If you are collaborating on a Google Sheets file with others, it can be helpful to give it a name that reflects its purpose or content, so that everyone working on it can easily identify it.
  3. Updating outdated or incorrect names: If a Google Sheets file was originally given a generic or unclear name, renaming it to something more specific can help to prevent confusion and ensure that the file is properly identified. This is also helpful for you to make your folder neat and sorted.

How to rename a Google Sheet file

Here is the answer.

If you are working on a Google Sheet;

  1. Click the text box for a title at the top left and replace the existing file name with the new one directly.
  2. Or, click the “File” tab in the toolbar and choose the “Rename” button in the drop-down menu.
Rename a Google Sheet file
How to rename a Google Sheet file

If you are looking at a Google Sheet in a folder in Google Drive or Google Sheets;

  1. Put your cursor on a Google Sheet you want to rename
  2. Right-click the file
  3. Select “Rename” in a pop-up you can see

Rename a Google Sheet correctly and resume your work!

How do I rename and save a Google sheet?

You can rename a sheet as we explained above, and as long as you stay signed in, your work-in-progress sheet is automatically saved.

If you want to download a sheet, you can go to the “File” tab at the top left of a sheet, click the “Download”, and choose one of the formats you want to generate. The file is typically downloaded in the “Download” folder on your PC.

How do I name an untitled Google sheet?

You can take the same approach as the one you take to rename a sheet. When you open a new sheet, it is usually not named. So, you can go to the text box at the top left of a sheet, where you can see the words “Untitled spreadsheet". Then, when you click the text box, it becomes editable. You can type in a file name there.

Learn how to do this step-by-step in the video below 👇

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