How to Change Primary Admin in QuickBooks Online (Comprehensive Guide)

Navigating through QuickBooks Online (QBO) becomes a seamless task when you have a clear understanding of user roles, particularly the primary admin role. This article aims to guide you on how to change the primary admin in QuickBooks Online, ensuring that your organization’s financial data management remains secure and up-to-date.

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Understanding the Primary Admin Role in QuickBooks Online

The primary admin in QuickBooks Online holds the utmost authority, having complete control over the account. This role is pivotal as it encompasses the management of users, approval or rejection of changes, and overseeing all transactions and reports associated with the account. Initially, the person who sets up the account is designated as the primary admin. However, circumstances may necessitate a change in this role, and this is where the knowledge of how to change the primary admin in QuickBooks Online becomes crucial.

How to Change the Primary Admin in QuickBooks Online Simple Start

In instances where you are using QuickBooks Online Simple Start, the process might require contacting QuickBooks support for assistance in transferring the primary admin role. This is a specialized case where direct user interface actions might not be sufficient, and professional assistance becomes necessary.

Steps to Change Primary Admin in QuickBooks Online

Changing the primary admin involves a series of steps that are straightforward yet crucial for maintaining the integrity of your account’s security. Here’s a simplified guide to help you through this process:

  1. Login as the Current Primary Admin: Ensure that you are logged in as the current primary admin. If you face difficulties in signing in, there are options available to recover your user ID or password.
  2. Navigating to Settings: Go to the settings option, usually represented by a gear icon, and select ‘Manage users’.
  3. Selecting the New Primary Admin: In the manage users section, find and select the user you intend to make the new primary admin. Ensure that the selected user is listed as an admin.
  4. Transferring the Role: An option to ‘Make primary admin’ will be available in the actions section. Selecting this option and confirming the action will initiate the transfer process.
  5. Confirmation by the New Primary Admin: An invitation email will be sent to the new primary admin. The transfer will be completed once the invitation is accepted by the new admin.


Can an Accountant Change the Primary Admin in QuickBooks Online?

An accountant can change the primary admin only if they are also the current primary admin. It’s essential for the accountant to have the highest level of permissions to manage all users and other admin tasks, including changing the primary admin.

How do I Switch Primary Administrators in QuickBooks Online?

Switching primary administrators involves transferring the role from the current primary admin to another user who has admin permissions. This process is detailed in the steps mentioned above.

How do I Change the Primary Administrator in QuickBooks?

Changing the primary administrator involves a series of steps such as logging in as the current primary admin, navigating to settings, selecting the new admin, and confirming the transfer.

How do I Remove Myself as Primary Admin on QBO?

To remove yourself as the primary admin, you would need to transfer the primary admin role to another user. Once the transfer is complete, your role will be changed to a company admin.

What is the Difference Between Primary Admin and Company Admin in QuickBooks Online?

The primary admin has the highest level of control and authority in QuickBooks Online, while a company admin has extensive permissions but not as comprehensive as the primary admin. The primary admin can manage all aspects, including user roles and permissions, whereas the company admin has more limited access.

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