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How to Use the CONCATENATE function in Google Sheets

In this article, you will learn how to combine texts with the CONCATENATE formula in Google Sheets.

The function is beneficial when you need to connect values in different cells. This function works similarly to the “&” mark, which is also used to combine texts in Google Sheets.

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How to use the CONCATENATE formula in Google Sheets

  • Type “=CONCATENATE” or go to “Insert”“Function” “Text”“CONCATENATE”.

  • Select values you want to combine and input texts manually in the formula, if necessary.

  • Press the “Enter” key.

How to insert the CONCATENATE function in Google Sheets

The general formula is as follows:

=CONCATENATE(string1, [string2, …])

String1: This is a value you want to connect with other values. You can use cell reference or manually input. You should punctuate them by inserting a comma between the two values.

See the following picture to understand how the formula works.

How the CONCATENATE formula works in Google Sheets with examples

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Example #1:  This example shows how you can use the formula only with manual input. You need to follow the general manual input rules (e.g., enclosing a date with quotation marks, etc.)

Example #2: This example represents combining two cell values by cell reference.

Example #3: As you may be aware in the second example, this function does not provide spaces between the values as default; you need to insert “ “ as an input in the formula or refer to a cell containing a space instead.

Example #4: The fourth example shows how to combine more than two values and incorporate a formula as an input value. As a cell containing a date is recognized as a number, you need to use the TEXT function to keep the date format in the output.

Example #5: The last example shows that you can refer to cells in the order you want. In the formula, “Value 3” is referred to secondly, and “Value 2” is done so thirdly (except for two spaces).

How do I combine text in Google Sheets in another way?

Check this article on how to connect two or more values with the “&” mark.

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