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How to Spell-check in Google Sheets

In this article, you will learn how to use the spell-checking function in Google Sheets

How to turn on spell-check in Google Sheets

  1. Select a range you want to spell-check.
  2. Press “F7” (If you are a Mac user, press “Fn” + “F7”) as a shortcut key* or go to “Tools” ➝ ”Spelling” ➝ ”Spell check”.
  3. Choose the action you need to take for identified spelling errors out of “Change”, “Ignore”, and “Add to dictionary” in a pop-up window.
  4. Once the check is done, you can close the pop-up window or keep checking in “Rest of the sheet” or “All sheets”.

*You need to turn on “Enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts” in Google Sheets. Check this page to learn how to turn on the  function.

How to run the spell-checking function from the menu bar

Why is Google Sheets not spell-checking?

Google Sheets doesn’t automatically spell-check. You need to run spell-checking by yourself. Check the guidance above for the easy procedures. Also, make sure that you select the appropriate range to spell-check.

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