How To Export Customer List from QuickBooks to Excel

January 4, 2022

How To Export Customer List from QuickBooks to Excel

There are moments when you need to quickly export Customer List from QuickBooks Online to Excel. Maybe you're trying to figure out who owes you money, or maybe you just want a list of all your customers for your records. Whatever the reason, exporting your customer list is a quick and easy process - and we're going to show you how it's done!

How do I Export a Customer List from QuickBooks online?

Here is a quick 1-minute guide on how to export your customer list from QuickBooks to Excel.

1. Go to QuickBooks

2. Open your Reports

Open your Reports

3. Click on Customer Contact List

Click on Customer Contact List

4. Click on the Download/Export Icon

Click on the Download/Export Icon

5. Select "Export to Excel"

Select "Export to Excel"

There is a much faster way to do this

Connect QuickBooks to your Google Sheet and import your Customer List from QuickBooks to your spreadsheet without any manual work.

Want to update your Customer List in your spreadsheet? No problem, just refresh your spreadsheet and your Customer List will be up-to-date. 

How do I get a list of Customers in QuickBooks with LiveFlow?

  1. Install LiveFlow for free here
  2. Open a Google Sheet → Open Extensions → Click LiveFlow
  3. Connect your QuickBooks account — And to make it even better, you can connect unlimited QuickBooks accounts.
  4. Select reports and choose Customer List
  5. Click Create Live Report and your customers will now be synced to your Google Sheet
  6. To refresh your Customer List, simply head to ExtensionsLiveFlowRefresh All Reports and your data will now be up-to-date

Why you should use LiveFlow instead of manually importing and exporting to Excel?

  • You can connect unlimited QuickBooks accounts! Working with 20 clients or have 5 different entities? No problem at all.
  • Save countless hours of manual work, and spend more time growing your business.

Try LiveFlow for free here

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Try LiveFlow for free here

Learn more about LiveFlow here:

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