”LiveFlow saves me 12 hours a month“ - Case Study: JRK Financial

December 8, 2021

”LiveFlow saves me 12 hours a month“ - Case Study: JRK Financial

When we released our Google Sheets Add-on we had a vision to help accountants and businesses spend less time manually moving data and more time driving their business forward. Since then, we’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback we’ve received from our users.

We love talking to our customers, so we thought we’d share a series of case studies with some of our most loved ones 💙

Meet Jason, Founder and CFO of JRK Financial Bookkeeping Services

Established in 2008, by Jason Koscinski, JRK Financial Bookkeeping Services offers Accounting and Bookkeeping services for SMEs in a variety of industries such as eCommerce, Restaurants and Home Owners Associations.

Having been an early adopter of technology for accounting, Jason uses new technologies to help provide Non-Profits with affordable services. Jason was also a member of the Intuit Accountant Council, where he helped shape QBO on a 2 year programme.

The Challenge 

Jason recalls having tried many technology solutions in the past but none seemed to fit his needs or expectations:

“Although I’ve tried many technology solutions, I’ve never found the perfect one in functionality or in price. I’ve still had to manually import data every week and create my own custom spreadsheets. I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable solution that allows me to automatically sync data from QBO to Google Sheets, without having to manually import this every week. I also wanted to be able to customise a spreadsheet without the template being affected when new data is added.“

The Solution

Jason gave LiveFlow a go and was pleasantly surprised by the results:

“I’m very comfortable using Google Sheets, so I was able to see if the LiveFlow Google Sheets Add-on was helpful pretty quickly. The integration was such a smooth process and I don’t consider LiveFlow to be another software added to the stack of softwares I’m already using. It really does serve as a solution to the problems I’ve mentioned above by automating my workflows, it’s saving me a lot of time.“


Live reports are a huge time saver for Jason, his data is being updated in real-time with a click of a button and saves him at least 12 hours a month for otherwise manual updates. 

Jason says: 

“I don’t have to dig in QBO to get any data anymore. The consolidated P&L template I found on your website allows me to run multiple entities side by side instead of switching between multiple files every week. Using filters to create custom tabs to allow clients to easily find specific figures and events with no hassle is a major win for me. I also share the reports directly with clients.“

Check the Consolidated P&L Template updated in real time with LiveFlow below:

Try LiveFlow. 

Still have questions? Get in touch at founders@liveflow.io, we’d love to hear from you! 

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