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How to Use SUMPRODUCT Formula in Excel

This article will teach you how to use the SUMPRODUCT function in Excel with an easy example.

What is the SUMPRODUCT function in Excel used for?

The SUMPRODUCT formula is used when you need to multiply corresponding values in one or more arrays and then require the sum of all the products calculated.

Understanding the SUMPRODUCT formula syntax in Excel

=SUMPRODUCT(array1, [array2], [array3], ...)

In the above syntax, each corresponding value among the three arrays of data selected will be multiplied and finally, the products calculated will be summed up.

When to use SUMPRODUCT function in Excel

This section will teach you to use the SUMPRODUCT formula with an easy example.

Consider your store has 14 categories of items, and each category has its corresponding quantity sold and selling price. To calculate the total revenue, you will need to multiply the quantity sold into the selling price for each category, and then calculate their sum. In such cases, the “=SUMPRODUCT” formula in Excel can be used.

Inserting the SUMPRODUCT formula in Excel

Building on the example above, type “=SUMPRODUCT(” in the cell where you would like to calculate the value.

This automatically opens up the formula prompt as shown in the image below -> then select the first array of data -> press the “,” key (comma) -> then select the second array of data -> you can select more arrays of data in case required -> finally press “Enter” key.

Image demonstrating how to use the SUMPRODUCT formula in Excel

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