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How to Move Tabs in Google Sheets

In this article, we will describe how to reorder worksheets in Google Sheets.

How to change the order of tabs in Google Sheets

There are two ways to change the order of sheets in Google Sheets.

The first approach is to change the order of adjacent sheets.

  • Point to a tab you want to move with your cursor.

  • Right-click and select “Move right” if you want to change the order of the tab and the right one, or choose “Move left” if you need to switch the order of the worksheet and the left one.

The second way is more flexible and helpful when you have more than a couple of sheets.

  • Point to a tab you want to move with your cursor.

  • Hold the left-click down, and drag the tab to where you want to move it.

  • Drop the tab at a destination.

How to Move Tabs in Google Sheets

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How to move multiple tabs in Google Sheets

You can change the location of adjacent tabs at a time.

  • Click the first tab of a series of the adjacent worksheets you want to move

  • Press “Shift” and click the last tab of the series of sheets you want to relocate. All sheets between the first one and the last one should be selected

  • Hold the left click down on the chosen tabs.

  • Drag the chunk to where you want to move it and drop it.


How do you sort a worksheet tab in alphabetical order in Google Sheets?

Unfortunately, with the default setting of Google Sheets, you can’t sort a tab in alphabetical order. We suggest you move a worksheet to the proper position every time you insert it.

If each worksheet contains a relatively small amount of information and data, you can consider gathering information in a sheet and sorting the information in alphabetical order there.

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How do you reverse the order of sheets in Google Sheets?

As the same as above, you need to reverse the order of sheets manually. It depends on how many sheets you have in a Google Sheets file, but unless you have too many sheets (e.g., 50), it is still manageable to reverse the order of sheets manually, as what you need to do is relatively simple.

For instance, you can move the rightmost sheet next to the leftmost one to the left and then bring the rightmost one (initially the second one from the right) next to the leftmost one (originally the rightmost one) to the right.

Then, how do you create tabs efficiently?

As we explained, there is no way to sort tabs with default functions in Google Sheets. Thus, it is essential to reduce the number of times you change the location of sheets in the first place.

  • Before you develop many sheets in the file, think about what kind of order is the most appropriate for the file.

  • Create new tabs as you imagined in Step 1 and rename them appropriately.

  • If you need to insert an additional tab later, go to the existing sheet next to which you want to add a new sheet to the right.

  • Insert a new tab and rename it accordingly.

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