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Google Sheets Tips

How to Change Tab Color in Google Sheets

It is useful to differentiate tabs by coloring tabs in different kinds of colors. You can quickly tell what type of sheet you are working on even if you have multiple sheets in a file. We recommend that you use similar colors for a group of relevant tabs (e.g., coloring a revenue summary sheet in red and its back-data sheet in light red, and making the tab color of a cost sheet green, etc.)

How to change tab color in Google Sheets

  1. Go to the bottom of a sheet and put your cursor on a tab
  2. Right-click and select “Change color” in the pop-up menu
  3. Choose one of the existing colors or create a customized color
How to change tab color in Google Sheets

How do you change the color of a Google sheet?

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How do I change tabs in Google Sheets?

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What are other tips on tabs you should learn?

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How to Move Tabs in Google Sheets

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