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How to Import Named Functions in Google Sheets

In this article, you will learn how to import the Named Functions you created in a different file into another file. If you want to know about the Named Functions, read this article.

How to call the Named Functions from another Google Sheets file

  • Type “” in a browser to open a new sheet.

  • Go to the “Data” tab → “Named functions”.

  • Click “Import function” at the bottom of the pop-up on the right.

  • Select the Google Sheets file that contains the Named Functions you want to import.

  • Choose if you import all Named Functions or if you import only selected Named. Functions. To import all formulas, click “Import all”. To import functions selectively, check the boxes next to the formulas you need to import and click “Import”.

  • To use the imported formulas, you can (i) type their names directly in cells, (ii) go to the “Data” tab → “Named functions” to show the Named Functions list, or (iii) move to the “Insert” tab → “Functions” “Named functions”.

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The following pictures show how to go through steps 2 to 5 above.

Step 2: Go to “Data” “Named functions”

How to import the Named Functions from the menu bar in Google Sheets

Step 3: Go to “Import function”

How the Named Functions List looks like in Google Sheets 

Step 4: Selection of the file

How to import the Named Functions from another Google Sheets

Step 5: Selection of the Named Functions

How to select the Named Functions to import from another Google Sheets

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