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Comment History in Google Sheets: Explained

In this article, you will learn what you can do with the Comment History in Google Sheets. 

What is the Comment History?

The Comment History allows you to view the communication records with your collaborators via the comment function of Google Sheets on a sheet or in an entire file.

Thus, it is beneficial when you want to refer to your previous or ongoing communication with others in a Google Sheets file.

How to open the comment history

  • Go to the top right corner of a worksheet.

  • Click a speech balloon icon there.

  • All saved comments show up on the right-hand side, as shown in the picture below.

How to open the comment history in Google Sheets

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What can you do in the comment history?

The following (a) to (e) correspond to (a) to (e) in the screenshot below.

(a). Notification setting: Three options are available. “All comments” notifies you of all activities around comments (even if you are not directly involved or tagged in the comments). “Comments for you” will tell you only when you are tagged or mentioned in comments. If you choose “None”, you don’t receive any notification about comment activities.

(b). The scope of comments shown (Status): Four options are available. “All” make all types of comments visible in history. You can see only comments to you with the “For you” option. Only live threads are shown in the list with the “Open” option. The “Resolve” option allows you to see only resolved communications.

(c). The scope of comments shown (Sheet): You can select “All sheets”, which shows all comments across all sheets in a file, or “Current sheet”, which shows comments on the current worksheet.

(d). Three dots icon: Open a small pop-up where you can choose “Delete” or “Re-open” the thread. Also, the “Resolve” option is available for a live line.

(e). A comment box: You can enter your message in a thread. If you type in a text in a resolved and saved thread, the line will be reopened.

The actions you can take in the comment history

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