Top Fractional CFOs in California

January 27, 2022

Top Fractional CFOs in California

Fractional CFO services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses realize the importance of long term financial planning, which includes forecasting, budgeting, resolving cash flow issues, optimizing systems, raising capital, and more.

It’s challenging to find the right fractional CFO for your business, but luckily for you, we've done the hard work scanning the market and found 3 that we believe will help you grow your business! And as a spoiler, they all use LiveFlow to automate their manual tasks so we can guarantee you they know their stuff!

Josh Greenbaum - CFO Minded

Top Fractional CFOs in California

Founded in 2009 by Josh, CFO Minded is a boutique consulting firm offering CFO and Consulting services to small businesses as well as all things Accounting and Bookkeeping.  Josh shared why he started CFO Minded: 

"I wanted to support the visionaries behind creative agencies and culture-bending start-ups. To do that I needed to bring the financial sophistication big businesses demanded to small businesses that needed it."

Josh is also the author of ‘Numbers Scare Me & Other Excuses: A Business Owner’s Guide to Lead Like a CFO’ which breaks down the fundamentals and practices that every ambitious business owner should follow to confidently make financial decisions that impact their bottom line.


Get in touch with Josh here:

Blake Hatcher - Hatcher CFO

Blake Hatcher - Hatcher CFO‍

After more than 15 years in finance and working with businesses large and small, from groundwork with bootstrapped startups to increasing growth for multinational corporations, Blake considers his services  as an extension of your core team rather than the accountant you visit once a month. 

To plan for where you are going, you need a strategy — a data-driven, well-informed strategy. From the top down, Hatcher CFO Solutions helps clearly define your business objectives while setting the strategy, establishing quantifiable metrics, providing detailed analysis, and actionable advice to drive your business forward as well as providing bookkeeping and accounting services.


Get in touch with Blake here: 



Crunchfirm is a full stack finance solution for VC backed startups, offering strategic CFO services. Crunchfirm supports multiple early stage VC-backed startups by serving as the financial business partner to founders and CEOs. Industries covered include: Software / SaaS, Hardware / Robotics, eCommerce, CPG, Alternative Investments, HealthTech, and more.

Your business will be supported by a talented client delivery team which consists of CFOs, CPA and tax advisers, controllers and finance operation professionals to help deliver a fully vertical finance service for you!


Get in touch with Crunchfirm here:

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