”The time I’ve saved with LiveFlow is the greatest ROI“ - Case Study: Blake Hatcher, Founder of Hatcher CFO

February 3, 2022

”The time I’ve saved with LiveFlow is the greatest ROI“ - Case Study: Blake Hatcher, Founder of Hatcher CFO

Meet Blake, Founder of Hatcher CFO 

After more than 15 years in finance and working with businesses large and small, from groundwork with bootstrapped startups to increasing growth for multinational corporations, Blake considers his services as an extension of your core team rather than the accountant you visit once a month. 

To plan for where you are going, you need a strategy — a data-driven, well-informed strategy. From the top down, Hatcher CFO Solutions helps clearly define your business objectives while setting the strategy, establishing quantifiable metrics, providing detailed analysis, and actionable advice to drive your business forward as well as providing bookkeeping and accounting services.

The Problem

Blake recalls having to spend time having to manually keep reports up to date:

"I previously used cloud accounting software tools, which were clunky so I didn’t use them for every client and they were still quite manual as they required copying and pasting data into reports for every client.

Sometimes it may feel like it only takes a few minutes to copy and paste data into reports, but it all adds up into hours every month, per client. The team then has to do  a preliminary review to make sure no mistakes were made, before I conduct a review and make any final adjustments, which is really time consuming."

The Solution

LiveFlow was a no-brainer for Blake, and positively impacts his  ROI:

"When I came across LiveFlow it was a no-brainer, the time I’ve saved is the greatest ROI. Having previously used automation tools which required some coding, LiveFlow is a no-code tool and literally takes minutes to set up!

The live reports are one of my favourite features, as it saves us so much time from having to constantly look for data that isn’t up to date. We can also easily do a static set of checks allowing us to run through our checklist in minutes to check if our clients financial data is looking healthy. For example we can pull up a month to date report with LiveFlow and then a year to date to see if that particular month fits into the trend."

The Results

Scaling your business isn’t easy, but saving time on manual tasks allows you to focus on what’s really important, growing your business:

"We’re in the process of growing, so LiveFlow has been super helpful in setting up the infrastructure to scale.

At the very minimum we provide our clients with up to date accounting and bookkeeping services, but since we’ve been saving hours of time every month with LiveFlow we can bring more value to our clients by helping them understand their financials. Now we can more easily explore risks and opportunities that look into the next decade."

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