“LiveFlow Saves Us The Headache on Manual Consolidation Every Month” - Case Study: Finalis

June 6, 2022

“LiveFlow Saves Us The Headache on Manual Consolidation Every Month” - Case Study: Finalis

About Finalis

Finalis the leading platform enabling the securities brokerage landscape to operate legally and compliantly. The firm delivers a white-labeled regulatory affiliation and compliance back-office solution that supports a wide range of private market dealmaking including M&A, capital raising, private placements, direct participation programs, fintech marketplaces, and alternative investment sponsors.

At the same time, Finalis provides additional leverage to securities brokers with the Finalis Hub™, which delivers a hassle-free deal management solution and the Finalis Marketplace™ that connects brokers with one another to gain insights and explore collaborations. Launched in 2020 and growing rapidly, the SF- and NYC-based firm is on a mission to power dealmakers by building the world’s largest securities brokerage platform.

Quick insights about Finalis

Tell us a little bit about Finalis and how your Finance team is organized?

We’re currently 7 employees in the Finance Team, organised as follows: Head of Finance, 2 accounting roles, 2FP&A roles, 1 Digital Transformation + Financial Planning and 1 GeneralAdministration role. However, these roles and the tasks involved are not static, we try to have a general overview and knowledge of all of the tasks that are involved in the finance area.

Which tools do you use to be productive at work?

  • Stripe: Billing
  • Airtable
  • QuickBooks Online: Accounting
  • Google Sheets: Finance, Budgeting, Modelling and a lot day-to-day tasks!
  • A/P scanning and processing: RHO Banking.
  • LiveFlow: Automating financial consolidation

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?

The consolidation at month ends was unreliable. First and foremost, the data wouldn’t replicate on a live basis on the previous system we used. Ergo, the data was not available instantly if needed. This would be critical as we need the data to be quickly accessible and updated in case investors request our financial statements.

Why did you choose LiveFlow?

LiveFlow was recommended by to us by a friend and an existing LiveFlow customer. He suggested that the app was part of his stack and highlighted the ease of use, simplicity in setup and integration to QBO.

Which value does LiveFlow bring to you personally, and your team?

It saves us time. Other than building the structure of the report when the app is installed we just simply need to refresh the report or add a few new accounts that are created in QBO (IF there are any new accounts). We also get a feeling of having data that is trustworthy as we know all of that information is up to date. Plus, I strongly believe that the app is incredibly flexible in a sense that can be used to build and scale a plethora of different reports which I’m really looking forward to building.

Anything else to add, please add whatever you think is valuable! 

10/10 score! Excellent customer support too. Thanks. 

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