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Uncategorized Transactions Template

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Uncategorized Transactions Template
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What are uncategorized transactions?

Uncategorized transactions in QuickBooks are transactions that have not been allocated to a particular account or category. These transactions can include (but are not limited to) expenses, income, and transfers. 

Why is it essential to track uncategorized transactions?

If you leave uncategorized transactions as they are in your QuickBooks account, you gradually lose your accuracy in financial reporting as the number of unknown transactions increases. It makes it difficult for you to understand your financial status, cut your expenses accordingly and make the right decision. Uncategorized transactions are items you should check occasionally and assign to the appropriate categories to keep your financial reporting accurate and reliable.

What is the uncategorized transactions template?

LiveFlow’s Uncategorized Transactions Template helps you tick and tie the uncategorized transactions in your QuickBooks account. With LiveFlow, the template downloads and refreshes (per your preference) data of all accounting categories you use in QuickBooks and uncategorized items. You can look at all accounting items not allocated to any specific category and pick up the appropriate type from all accounting items on the ”Uncategorized Transactions” sheet.

Why is the uncategorized transactions template useful?

There are some reasons you should use the Uncategorized Transaction Template:

  1. Information sharing: As the template works for Google Sheets, you can easily share the template with other team members, clients, or relevant parties, which allows you to make your communications with them more quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.
  2. Reliable evidence: As you can record the suggested category and note, if needed, for each uncategorized item, you can refer to the template when you update your data in QuickBooks. The template can also be reliable evidence of your update process and your discussion with people involved in the process.
  3. Flexible update: With LiveFlow, you can update your data in the template flexibly. LiveFlow allows you to look at the latest information every time you open your Google Sheets or stop updating data in the template once you start processing the information.

How does each sheet in the template work?

Uncategorized Transactions

The left side of the table (up to Column M) shows the data extracted from QuickBooks by LiveFlow, which can be refreshed whenever you want. You can choose one of the accounts in Column H corresponding to each uncategorized item. Each drop-down list in Column N contains all accounts listed on the “Mapping” sheet. You can leave your comments or notes in Column O, which help you get aligned with others on the categorization of each unknown transaction.

A picture of the “Uncategorized Transactions” sheet in the template


This sheet creates a list of all accounting categories used in your QuickBooks account. The drop-down lists on the “Uncategorized Transactions” sheet refer to the list.  A formula inserted in cell B2 is designed to pull all accounts from the “Account List” sheet. You need to enter the name of the sheet containing information on your accounting items, which is, by default, “Account List”.

A picture of the “Mapping” sheet in the template

Account List

The table on this sheet is pulled out from QuickBooks by LiveFlow. Data in the table in Columns A and C generates the account list in “Mapping”. You don’t need to process any information on this sheet unless required.

A picture of the “Account List” sheet in the template
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I gain access to a premium template?
Who built this template?
How long can I access premium templates for?
Can I get help if I need it?