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Project Profitability Analysis Template for Google Sheets & Excel

Get a live overview of your Profit & Loss by project/location and track the profitability for each project/location.

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QuickBooks Project Profitability Analysis

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Template description

This template is designed to provide detailed insights into the profitability of individual projects, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for maximum return. Compatible with Google Sheets and Excel, it offers a versatile tool for project managers and finance teams alike. While useful on its own, connecting this template to LiveFlow can further enhance its functionality by providing real-time updates with the latest financial data from QuickBooks Online, ensuring up-to-date profitability analysis.

Key features

  • Enables detailed profitability analysis for individual projects.
  • Tracks revenue, costs, and profit margins to identify high and low-performing projects.
  • Supports strategic decision-making with comprehensive profitability insights.

Who can this template help?

Project managers and finance teams in project-based businesses like engineering or marketing agencies

Use cases

Analyzes the profitability of individual projects, supporting project selection and resource allocation decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I gain access to a premium template?
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