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P&L Budget vs. Actuals | Financial Planning Template

Create a financial budget with our free financial planning template. Get an overview of your finances in a snapshot.

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How to get started with the template?

Inside the template, you’ll find 4 different sheets. Here’s what they are about.

  1. How to use this model
  2. Summary Dashboard
  3. Financial Plan
  4. Tips and Tricks

1 - How to use this model

How to Guide

Over here, you will always find all the information about using the template, and how to contact us if there are any questions or feedback.

2 - Summary Dashboard

Financial Dashboard

This sheet is a dashboard that aggregates all of the information you input in the Financial Plan sheet.  It will automatically update itself with any changes, so there's no need to rescan or re-input anything in the Summary Dashboard (unless you want to change it to your preferences, of course). All data has been linked together using functions from the Financial Plan sheet.

The dashboard itself gives you an easy-to-understand overview of your key metrics such as your Runway, your projected Cash Balance, your burn rate, your revenue, your gross margins, and your operating margin.

You might want even go further by inputting more data yourself into these graphs, so nothing gets missed when tracking things down in one place.

3 - Financial Plan

P&L Budget vs. Actuals | Financial Plan

Here, you’ll input all of your numbers to match your own financial plans. You can certainly change all of the namings of the accounts (like Salaries, Offices, Subscriptions, etc.) to reflect the accounts you operate with. Inside the Financial Plan, you’ll also find a column called Actuals, which appears underneath each month. In the Actuals column, you should input the actual numbers for each corresponding account for that given month. This will help you to evaluate how on or off-target you were in the preceding month(s). It is a great way to maintain a simple overview of your business stands relative to your plan.

4 - Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

This is a dynamic document that we continue to grow and evolve as we add new tips and tricks for making your Financial Plan work even better. It also offers insights into the strategies we found most helpful when it comes to managing our finances - all in an attempt for us both to succeed!

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