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How to Use BYROW Function in Google Sheets

In this article, you will learn what the BYROW formula is and how to use it.

This function is meant to be used with the LAMBDA function. The formula groups values by rows in a selected range or an array, allows the LAMBDA function to use the grouped values as input, and returns a computed value for each row in a column. 

How to insert the BYROW formula in Google Sheets

  • Type “=BYROW” or go to “Insert”“Function”“Array” → “BYROW”.

  • Select a range or an array to which you apply the LAMBDA by rows.

  • Enter a LAMBDA function with a placeholder and logic.

  • Press the “Enter” key.

How to insert the BYROW function in Google Sheets

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What is the BYROW function in Google Sheets?

The BYROW function is beneficial when you want to run the LAMBDA function by rows and show each calculation result in a column. The BYROW function automatically displays the results once you enter the appropriate formula in a cell.

So, you don’t need to copy a formula and paste it to all cells in which you want to show calculation results. 

The generic syntax is as follows:

=BYROW(array_or_range, lambda)

Array_or_range: This array or range is used as input in the LAMBDA function.

Lambda: Define the LAMBDA function such as LAMBDA(RowValue, AVERAGE(RowValue)) with one argument and “formula_expression”. Note the argument corresponds to a series of values in a row. You can also use your Named Functions here.

Imagine you are a finance manager. You want to do a financial analysis on competitors by financial items based on the data set in the picture. The BYROW formula allows you to show calculation results by rows (meaning by items in the case below).

How to use the BYROW function in Google Sheets with an example

Here are the assumptions in the formula in cell H27 in the screenshot above.

Array_or_range: C27: F31

Lambda: LAMBDA(RowValue,AVERAGE(RowValue))

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