LiveFlow vs G-Accon: Google Sheets Add-on for QuickBooks

March 18, 2022

LiveFlow vs G-Accon: Google Sheets Add-on for QuickBooks

Pulling in data and creating reports manually is a thing of the past, but finding the right automation solution is still something many finance professionals struggle with. So we battle-tested and compared LiveFlow and G-Accon’s Google Sheets Add-ons for QuickBooks Online. Check out the video below for a recorded live demo of both Add-ons side by side or feel free to read our thoughts on this blog. 

Connecting Companies

If you prepare financial reports for multiple businesses as a bookkeeper, accountant or CFO or if you’re a Finance pro within a company managing multiple entities, you can easily remember the pain of logging in and out of QuickBooks Online to go through various financials. 

With LiveFlow you can connect as many QuickBooks companies as you want at the same time, without having to log in and out. You can test this by creating reports for multiple companies, all in the same spreadsheet!

Whereas with G-Accon you can only connect to one QuickBooks company at a time to create reports. If you wanted to create a report for a different company, you’d have to log out of company one and log into company two and so on. So the option to create reports for multiple companies is still somewhat a manual process.

Winner: LiveFlow 🏆

Here is an example of a Consolidated P&L that you can build with LiveFlow that will consolidate your multiple entities on the fly:

Importing Reports

LiveFlow allows you to pick custom date ranges when creating reports, allowing you to create reports going into the future. This means the future months will automatically update when QuickBooks is updated, so you only need to create that report once. What to do with all that free time you freed up now, you ask? Well, you can lay back and have a nice drink or probably get more work done!

If you build your personal dashboards referencing cells from standard QuickBooks reports, we have good news for you. Those cell references stay unaffected by changes to the Chart of Accounts, and any dashboard/report linked to a LiveFlow report will remain updated with the data you have in QuickBooks.

G-Accon offers many of the functionalities LiveFlow has but with a few limitations, cell references are broken when you enter a new type of transaction into QBO, so any dashboard or report that is linked to this, it won't be updated and may potentially break.

Winner: LiveFlow 🏆

Range of Reports

G-Accon offers an extensive range of reports to select from, which is always helpful for your clients niche cases. 

Whilst we’re adding more reports every week per our users request, we have some catching up to do!

Winner: G-Accon 🏆

Transaction Details

Ever wondered how to see all of the transactions without going back and forth across QuickBooks? We have the answer for you too!

Drill down into transactions without ever having to go back to QuickBooks using LiveFlow! View every underlying transaction of the figures in your reports by clicking a cell and going to the ‘Drill down’ tab in the LiveFlow app.

In the video above, although G-Accon has QuickBooks links in their default settings, there weren’t any links in the P&L report. So you’d have to go back to QuickBooks to look up transactions. Spending time looking at QuickBooks reports and switching back to Google Sheets ends up creating more manual tedious tasks for you to complete.

Winner: LiveFlow 🏆


You might think we’re being biassed because it’s our product, but it’s pretty clear that G-Accon’s UX isn’t the friendliest to work with. You have to keep going back to extensions to access G-Accon’s app, there’s no time stamp for your most recent refresh and refreshes take longer.

With LiveFlow’s super sleek and simple UI, we care about how our users feel about creating reports. We know that previous solutions are still manual and tedious, so automating the process of creating and updating reports is our top priority, so you can spend time on what’s important - helping your clients understand their finances. 

Winner: LiveFlow 🏆

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