Courses On Financial Planning and Analysis‍ (Choose From the Best)

September 21, 2022

Courses On Financial Planning and Analysis‍ (Choose From the Best)

There are many reasons why you might be looking for courses on financial planning and analysis. Maybe you’re already an accountant or bookkeeper, and you want to expand your skill set. Perhaps you’re a business owner, and you want to know more about financial planning for your company.

Whatever your reasons, there is a growing demand for financial planning and analysis courses. Let’s see what you will learn, who will benefit most from this kind of course, and where you should start your search.

Who Should Do Financial Planning and Analysis Courses?

If you want a career in finance but don’t want to be an accountant, then financial planning and analysis might be for you. These finance specialists analyze corporate data to predict and model future performance and develop new strategies.

It’s a field that demands a high level of skill in mathematics but also needs people who are creative and good communicators.

What Do Financial Planners and Analysts Earn, and What Is the Job Market Like?

Once you have completed a finance analyst course, you will probably find that there are plenty of jobs available, particularly if you live in a larger city. This is a relatively new field, but the demand for qualified people has grown exponentially in the past decade.

The median salary for a financial planning analyst in the United States is currently about $85,000, so you can earn a comfortable living in this role.

Online Courses On Financial Planning and Analysis 

If you are hoping to up-skill to become a financial planning analyst while you are still working, online training for financial analyst roles might be the solution you need. These courses are usually self-paced with pre-recorded video classes and email access to professors and subject matter experts when you need them.

There is usually a flexible period to complete the course, too, so even if you already have a demanding job, you can fit your studies in as and when you have some downtime.

Courses On Financial Planning and Analysis

There’s more to the average courses on financial planning and analysis than you might think. In addition to understanding and analyzing financial data, you will learn skills and techniques for forecasting, as well as leadership, communication skills and even how to present data to a corporate team.

Ultimately, these courses give you the skills to help companies make the best financial choices for their future based on current and historical data.

Where Can You Find A Financial Analyst Class?

The good news is that there are a huge variety of financial analyst courses you can take to gain skills. Some will give you a certificate, while others are short courses that are more about learning the skills for your own use. Some of the top options are:

·  LinkedInLearning - Become a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst is incredibly affordable and gives a quick overview of the role of a financial planning analyst

·  Edx offers a variety of courses that relate to financial planning and analysis

·  Certified Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Professional (FPAC) is the original course, and getting certified by completing this program is a great way to ensure you have the pick of the best jobs

·  Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling Certification (FPAMC) by Wall Street Prep focuses a little more on data modelling

·  Budgeting and Forecasting by the Corporate Finance Institute is another very well-respected course that you can use to get the financial planning analyst skills you need.

These are just some of the courses for financial analysts that are out there. There are many programs offered by a huge variety of schools. When you’re searching for one that suits your needs, make sure you look for accredited programs or ask recruiters in the field which qualifications are the most in demand.

Get Financial Data Direct from QuickBooks

Once you’ve completed any of these courses on financial planning and analysis, you will be equipped to help companies make the most important decisions for their future financial health.

However, if the company or companies you work for use QuickBooks, you may find that their standard reports just don’t present information in the way you need it.

That’s why we created the LiveFlow platform. It creates a direct, real-time link between your QuickBooks accounting system and your custom modelling spreadsheets and reports on Google Sheets. This not only means you always have up-to-date data but also that once you’ve created a sheet or model once, you don’t have to manually enter or update information.

If you’re interested in courses on financial planning and analysis, you already know that the future of finance intersects with technology, and we’d love to show you how LiveFlow can help you to build the tech infrastructure this fast-paced role demands. Contact our team to ask any questions or to schedule a free live demo of the LiveFlow platform.

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