”LiveFlow automates budget vs. actuals and makes it easy to do financial analysis“ - Case Study: Affise

June 7, 2022

”LiveFlow automates budget vs. actuals and makes it easy to do financial analysis“ - Case Study: Affise


We sat down with Egor Dubikovskiy, Finance Manager at Affise to learn more about how he and the team use LiveFlow.

Quick insights about Affise

Tell us a little bit about Affise and how your Finance team is organized?

Affise is a performance marketing platform that allows users to automate and scale partner relations via performance marketing channels such as traditional affiliates, influencers, networks, or agencies. We currently have 170 employees, 5 of which are part of the Finance team. 

We have integrated LiveFlow to automate our budget vs actuals analysis process. We've got one team-member responsible for the payroll expenses and a financial manager responsible for all other expenses as well as process design, performing the analysis and presenting results to our CFO.

The process of budget-to-actual analysis is designed in the following way: each department (of the Affise Group) has its own Google Sheet with budgeted and actual results for the period / financial year. We have integrated LiveFlow to set up live data streams from QuickBooks such that our actuals update automatically and we have organized it in a way that facilitates analysis. The financials from the worksheets for each budget is consolidated in the master (main) worksheet where we have the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.

Which tools do you use to be productive at work?

  • Lattice: KPIs & People Management
  • Grammarly: Writing
  • Deel: Hiring internationally
  • Slack: Internal communication
  • PandaDoc: Contracts
  • SaaSAnt: Revenue management
  • LiveFlow: Automating financial reporting

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?

We were uploading our QuickBooks data manually and spending time and effort to reconcile each time after the manual update.

Why did you choose LiveFlow?

We chose LiveFlow as a solution for making our reporting more efficient through the integration with live QuickBooks financial data and automating the actuals vs budget analysis. LiveFlow solves the problem of manual and timely work and ensures our financial data in Google Sheets is always up to date.

Which value does LiveFlow bring to you personally, and your team?

We have saved considerable time preparing financial reports and doing analysis for budget vs actual purposes. It is valuable both for the team and for me personally to have a reliable tool to ensure our data from QuickBooks that we analyse is up to date, accurate and complete. 

Anything else to add?

We are grateful that there is such a useful tool that saves much time for the Finance team in performing our duties. 

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