Net Worth Dashboard - Google Sheets & Excel

Get a live overview of LiveFlow Net Worth Template. The net worth of a business reflects the amount of ownership that the owners have in the company.

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Net Worth Dashboard - Google Sheets & Excel
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What is Net Worth Dashboard?

A company's current net worth can be a good indicator of how healthy it is. If a company's net worth is negative, it may be in danger of going bankrupt. A positive net worth usually indicates that a company is doing well financially.

There are a few different ways to calculate a company's net worth. One common method is to subtract a company's liabilities from its assets. This will give you the company's net worth at that particular moment in time. Another way to calculate a company's net worth is to take its total assets and divide them by the number of shares outstanding. This will give you the book value of each share.

How Can I Monitor Company’s Net Worth?

In business, net worth can be described as equity. The balance sheet is considered a net worth statement. Net worth is used to get a complete picture of business finances. By using a net worth business or company can estimate their financial health and performance as it includes assets and liabilities because only profit could not tell any growth. Companies can track their net worth to measure their financial stability and growth potential. If the net worth is increasing, that means the company's performance has improved, and it is growing. If the net worth is decreasing, that means the company has to make a lot of changes to bring it back to its original track. Net worth gives a positive perspective on debt. If a company has more significant debts, but its assets are also much greater, then its net worth will be positive even though it may be in debt.

Why is Net Worth Important?

The net worth is the total value of the assets owned by an organization or a person minus the liabilities. In other words, net worth is what is owned by a person excluding what is owed by him\her. There are two types of net worth, positive net worth and negative net worth. When the value of the assets owned is higher than the liabilities, then it is known as positive net worth. Negative net worth happens when the total liabilities are more than the total assets.

How Do I Calculate Net Worth in Google Sheet or Excel?

The LiveFlow team has prepared the Net Worth Template in Google Sheets using the monthly balance sheet report. To import the Balance Sheet report into Google Sheets, just use the template above and change the underlying company under the “Manage reports” tab. Once done, your own Balance Sheet will be synced into Google Sheets. You can then use this data to track the company’s Net Worth and customize the dashboard.

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How do I get access to this template?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I gain access to a premium template?
Who built this template?
How long can I access premium templates for?
Can I get help if I need it?