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LiveFlow Workspace & User Permissions

Here is a brief break down of roles and permissions in LiveFlow.

We have 3 different types of roles.

  1. Admin: As an admin, you can manage everything in the workspace. That includes member permissions, workspace settings, importing and refreshing reports, drilling into reports, and connecting and disconnecting integrations.

    Note: Only the Billing Admin can manage billing. Regular admins can't.

  2. Editor: As an editor, you can import reports, refresh reports, and drill down into reports using integrations that an admin has connected. Editors can't manage billing and member permissions.
  3. Viewer: As a viewer, you can refresh existing reports and drill down into existing reports. You can't import new reports, or connect and disconnect integrations.

If you’re an independent Accountant or Fractional CFO, you might want to keep your sensitive client information privately and restrict it from being seen by other team members. This means you would want to have standalone workspaces organized by client and connect team members who manage those clients only.

As an Admin, you will have an overview of all workspaces and access levels of all members - this way, it will stay under your full control. Just let us know if you want to create new workspaces or add new members to your workspace by dropping us an email.

To see Workspaces in action, check this video:

Learn how to do this step-by-step in the video below 👇

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