Case Study with Jessie Smith of Schaper Energy Consulting

December 17, 2021

Case Study with Jessie Smith of Schaper Energy Consulting

Meet Jessie, Office Manager at Schaper Energy Consulting

Jessie Smith is an Office Manager at Schaper Energy Consulting, a professional engineering firm based in Houston, Texas. With a seven year track record of assisting financial institutions, equity sponsors, private and public companies, family offices and individual investors.

Schaper Energy is leading the way for the Next Generation of Energy Consulting. Equipped with principal engineers that have multi-disciplinary education and experience profiles that meet the needs of clients across the entire energy spectrum. 

The Challenge 

Before finding LiveFlow, Jessie recalls spending much of her time focusing on small manual tasks:

“We previously used to reconcile accounts and manually input data at the end of each month, which would take hours for every client. We’d have to look at different screens to reference different figures, it was just so inefficient. The majority of my tasks are repetitive tasks. Small repetitive tasks compound and end up taking up so much of my time. The more we can automate workflows, the more we can focus on growing the business.”

The Solution 

After having tried other solutions before without any success, Jessie knew what she was looking for and was determined to automate her workflow:

“Once we found LiveFlow, we’ve been using it everyday since. We no longer have to wait until the end of the month to review our financials because of the hours it would take to consolidate reports, we’re now able to see Live Reports in a click of a button!
The Google Sheets Add-on is everything we were looking for in a solution, it’s super helpful to be able to cross reference reports which are updated in real time without breaking any formulas. The figures are also much more accurate as we don’t have to manually update and create new reports with the fear of inputting a wrong number.”

The Results 

Now that Jessie can refresh reports and see the company's financials updated in real time she saves over 4 hours every month on Tax preparations only, just after discovering the Live Report feature:

LiveFlow has been an amazing solution to the challenges we’ve faced in the past. Now that we save over 4 hours a month, I can’t wait to explore more of the features available and learn how to automate so much more. Now that we don’t have to spend hours manually importing data, it’s time to focus on what’s important and that’s growing our business."

Try out our Google Sheets Add-on for free.

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