Drill into your reports without leaving your spreadsheet

Dive into all of your underlying transactions in your P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and more.

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Helping Accountants, Fractional CFOs, and Finance Teams drill into the numbers with ease

Jana Kovacovska
Founder, TinyCFO
5 star review

"Automating whatever can be automated is always a good idea, LiveFlow helps with that"

Dan DeGolier
Founder, Ascent CFO
5 star review

"Our initial impressions of LiveFlow is that it can be a big time-saver! We're excited to partner with them"

Cheryl Lanahan
Owner, Plumbooks
5 star review

"LiveFlow saves me time and tedium - no more downloading, copying and pasting into my spreadsheet. I LOVE it!!"

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1. Install LiveFlow

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2. Connect to QuickBooks

Connect your QuickBooks account. You can connect unlimited accounts.

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3. Drill into your numbers

Connect your P&L and other reports and drill down with ease.

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Watch our team drill into the numbers without ever leaving Google Sheets

Join hundreds of other Accountants and Finance Teams on LiveFlow

Connect to unlimited QuickBooks accounts, bring your financial data into Google Sheets in seconds, consolidate your accounts, and get your time back.

Capterra & LiveFlow G2 & LiveFlow ReviewsLiveFlow reviews on Product Hunt
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One platform: Easy for all

LiveFlow helps both founders, business owners, finance teams, and accountants to speed up their workflows

Weekly Performance Overview

Monitor weekly performance and manage problems before they become recurring

Overspending the monthly budget? Ensure it gets on track before it gets out of hand with weekly performance monitoring
Never overspend compared to budget again

Monthly Budget vs. Actuals

Never waste time manually updating monthly actuals

Connect your monthly actuals to your financial plan in a snapshot
Save hours of your time on month-end close
Spend less time fixing errors

Quarterly Planning, Re-Forecasting, and Reporting

Manage your quarterly budgets with ease

Get a full P&L overview by quarter
Create quarterly budgets and automatically connect actuals
Make quarterly planning a process that drives the business forward, not a chaotic data aggregation headache

Yearly reporting

Close the financial year with ease-of-mind and control

Make yearly financial reporting as easy as making a coffee
Never get any bad financial surprises by year end
Compare Year-on-Year performance in no time