“LiveFlow allows me to scale my business” - Case Study: Josh Greenbaum, Founder of CFO Minded

January 4, 2022

“LiveFlow allows me to scale my business” - Case Study: Josh Greenbaum, Founder of CFO Minded

Meet Josh, Founder of CFO Minded

Founded in 2009 by Josh, CFO Minded is a boutique consulting firm offering CFO and Consulting services to small businesses as well as all things Accounting and Bookkeeping.  Josh shared why he started CFO Minded: 

"I wanted to support the visionaries behind creative agencies and culture-bending start-ups. To do that I needed to bring the financial sophistication big businesses demanded to small businesses that needed it."

Josh is also the author of ‘Numbers Scare Me & Other Excuses: A Business Owner’s Guide to Lead Like a CFO’ which breaks down the fundamentals and practices that every ambitious business owner should follow to confidently make financial decisions that impact their bottom line.

The Challenge

Josh recalls having to manually pull reports from QuickBooks every month:

"Before using LiveFlow, like the majority of fractional CFO’s and accountants, I manually exported reports from QuickBooks to Excel on a monthly basis. This becomes increasingly tedious as you scale your business, with hours dedicated to these manual tasks."

The Solution

LiveFlow is super easy to get using, Josh recalls the simplicity of the Google Sheets Add-on making it a no-brainer to try out:

"LiveFlow has been super easy to use, it takes minutes to set up. Live Reports allow me to see all my reports updated in real time without having to manually download reports. The range of reports are great and allow me to provide clients with a better understanding of their finances."

The Results 

Now that Josh is saving hours of his time by automating financial reporting, he’s looking forward to grow his team and business by focusing on what’s next:

"It’s going to allow me to scale my business! I’m excited to grow my business and have a team who can easily share and collaborate on reports using LiveFlow.

With LiveFlow there’s no more being reactive to reports at the end of the month, seeing reports updated at the click of a button allows me to be proactive and deliver the best advice to my clients with more in depth conversations."

Try out our Google Sheets Add-on for free here.

Still have questions? Get in touch at founders@liveflow.io, we’d love to hear from you! 

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