Josh Greenbaum & CFO Minded: Revolutionizing Financial Management with LiveFlow

January 4, 2022

Josh Greenbaum & CFO Minded: Revolutionizing Financial Management with LiveFlow

Josh Greenbaum is the founder and advisory CFO of CFO Minded, an influential financial firm he has shaped and piloted for over 15 years. 

Specializing in fractional CFO services, his company supports a diverse client base that includes small startups and large enterprises with up to $20 million in revenue. 

As an early adopter of LiveFlow, Josh has not only influenced the development of this innovative tool but also integrated it deeply into his firm's operations to enhance financial management and client service.

Challenges Faced

Before LiveFlow, Josh and his team, which includes a controller and an outsourced bookkeeping team in India, faced significant challenges in communicating financial data across approximately 25 clients in various industries. 

Josh had tried standard financial statements but found that his clients had trouble deciphering complex documents, and he needed to find an alternative that allowed his clients to get up-to-date information in a format that wouldn’t paralyze them. 

"Clients get lost in that,” Josh explained.

Enter LiveFlow

Josh's journey with LiveFlow began as he searched for a solution to streamline his operations and help his clients understand their respective financials. 

He found LiveFlow at a very early stage and hopped on board. As the first paying customer, he worked closely with LiveFlow's founders and team, helping shape the product's features. His proactive involvement from the early stages highlights his commitment to improving financial management tools for his firm and the broader financial services community.

Implementation and Customization

Implementing LiveFlow marked a turning point for CFO Minded. Josh leveraged the platform to create customized dashboards and reports tailored to his client's specific needs. This customization allowed him to present financial data in non-traditional formats, which were more comprehensible for clients unfamiliar with standard financial statements. 

His outsourced team and controller also used LiveFlow to manage all clients’ uncategorized transactions in one Google Sheet, streamlining reviews and updates.


Results Achieved

The adoption of LiveFlow brought big results to CFO Minded. Operational efficiency improved dramatically, significantly reducing the time required to manage transactions and financial reporting. 

The centralized dashboards facilitated easier and quicker access to financial data, enhancing his clients' decision-making process. Moreover, LiveFlow's forward-looking financial projections enabled clients to understand potential impacts on cash flow based on various business scenarios.

Client Interaction and Feedback

LiveFlow has changed how CFO Minded interacts with its clients. The accessible dashboards have fostered a better understanding of financial data, leading to more informed discussions and strategic decisions.

However, Josh noted that ensuring clients regularly use and engage with these tools remains challenging. He continues to work on strategies to enhance client interaction with LiveFlow, ensuring they can independently access and understand their financial information.

Josh shared, "There's an element of education for each client and asking them, ‘do you understand what this is?’"

Future Plans

Looking forward, Josh plans to further refine his focus on delivering high-quality CFO services. LiveFlow will continue to be a central element in his strategy, facilitating more detailed and frequent financial reviews. 

This focus aims to make spending and budget management more dynamic and responsive to business performance and needs.

Wrapping Up

Josh Greenbaum’s experience with LiveFlow exemplifies the powerful impact of integrating advanced financial management software into consulting practices. 

The ability to customize reports and streamline operations has saved time and added significant value to his client services, reinforcing CFO Minded as a leader in financial consulting.

If you’re an enterprising financial consultant like Josh and want to streamline your reporting and client communications, book a demo today and let us show you how LiveFlow can level up your game.

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