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About LiveFlow

We founded LiveFlow in 2021 to help people all around the world build better businesses, by automating their tedious, time-consuming, and manual financial workflows, so they can spend more time growing their businesses.

Since the start, we've raised over $3.8M from some of the leading investors in the world and attracted hundreds of customers who now use LiveFlow on a daily basis to save time on manual reporting and get ease of mind that their reports are up-to-date.

We are lucky to be backed by some of the world's leading investors

Bradley Horowitz
VP Product, Google
Oliver Jung
Former VP, AirBnB
Victor Jacobsson
Co-Founder, Klarna
Conor Walsh
Head of Product, Square
Lars Nielsen
Former VP, Dropbox
Phil Chambers
Founder & CEO, Peakon
Ann Bordetsky
Former Executive, Twitter
Snir Kodesh
Head of Engineering, Retool

The product

See LiveFlow in action below.

Security & Compliance

LiveFlow is SOC 2 compliant in accordance with AICPA standards for SOC for Service Organizations.
We know that our customers’ data is highly sensitive, so protecting it securely is always our number-one priority. LiveFlow has been reviewed and approved for security by Synopsys, working on behalf of Intuit.

Secure communication: When communicating between systems, LiveFlow always uses TLS encryption, a cryptographic security protocol designed for privacy and data security.

Minimal contact: LiveFlow never sees your QuickBooks account credentials or any of your financial data. Your data is used only to populate this document – it never leaves Google's secure environment.

Read-only access: When accessing QuickBooks on your behalf, LiveFlow will never modify your data.

Personal information: LiveFlow may use your current Google account email address to contact you and to uniquely identify you within the app, and your name to address you in direct communications.

LiveFlow is currently monitored by Drata, a compliance platform.

Learn more about our security

Customer Support

When you sign up for an Enterprise plan, you will get a personal success manager who will be available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You will also have a private Slack channel with LiveFlow and can reach out by Zoom, text or phone.


The package includes

  • 50 companies automated
  • Consolidated Trial Balance
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Consolidated P&L
  • Consolidated Budget vs Actuals
  • Consolidated Accounts Payable
  • Consolidated Accounts Receivable
  • 5 admins
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom templates built for you
  • VIP  support through Slack/Zoom/phone
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited refresh & automatic hourly refresh
  • Drill down without going back to QuickBooks
  • Early access to new features

Price (billed monthly): $5,095 per month

Price with 15% Annual Discount(billed annually): $4,207 per month

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