Tanya Hilts: “LiveFlow helps me to delve deeper into advisory work”

April 5, 2022

Tanya Hilts: “LiveFlow helps me to delve deeper into advisory work”

Tanya Hilts is the founder of Cloud Business Services who won Intuit’s Global Firm of the Future title as recognition for leading the way within the accounting industry in the new age with online apps and real-time accounting. Their focus is to be able to serve their clients better and prove that they are more than just bookkeepers. 

She’s also been nominated as a Top 100 ProAdvisor by Insightful Accountant consecutively for the last 2 years. 

How did you get into bookkeeping?

I fell into bookkeeping. I started my career in insurance and stayed there for 17 years. I ended up being an office manager for a tax and compliance firm and thought why not use my experience to start my own tax business. It was the best choice I had made, I built my client base to 300 clients and had time to be there for my daughter who was a baby at the time!

But life’s always filled with unexpected surprises, so me and my family ended up moving to Belleville, Ontario - 4 hours away. Without any options to work and look after my daughter, I started a virtual tax business and retained 90% of my clients before virtual work was a trend! Since I was doing tax work virtually, I thought it would be much more fulfilling to expand into bookkeeping to help small businesses with their finances. So I started training under some local bookkeepers and completed a diploma after a year. I then launched my own bookkeeping business and haven’t looked back since!

How does it feel to be awarded Top 100 ProAdvisor by Insightful accountant?

It’s an honor, and I really appreciate the support my community gives me. However, it doesn’t distract me from my goal which is to help small businesses that are struggling with their finances turn things around. I’m super grateful for all the opportunities my community has helped me reach and I can’t wait to do more!

What piece of advice would you give to founders of bookkeeping businesses?

Do everything as if you’re going to scale. When you’re starting off, it’s easy to think small but everything will catch up to you in the long run. If you’re doing things right, your business will grow, so it’s best to set up processes from day 1. Whether it’s using a company support email rather than your personal email or choosing the most effective tech stack, start thinking about these things now before you grow and get caught up spending hours trying to catch up with your growth.

What is The Bookkeepers Bootcamp about and why did you start it?

We’re family. We’re all about building deep meaningful relationships that push ourselves to not only succeed as bookkeepers but in all aspects of our lives. It’s a 12-week bootcamp which aims to transform your business and open up opportunities to go into financial advisory and coaching. 

I love to help people who want to grow, it brings the ultimate personal satisfaction. I’ve personally been at rock bottom; I couldn’t afford college, lived in gov housing and didn’t have parents around to help me. I understand tough circumstances, but I also know we all have what it takes to change and sometimes you just need someone to bring it out of you. 

How should bookkeepers think about breaking into advisory?

Most bookkeepers are already doing it! When a client calls you and asks you any questions, you’re giving them advice. Us, bookkeepers, live in the  business's finances, and we know every detail of what’s going on. I’ve had so many of my clients call me up and ask me to break down what their accountant had just told them. So the first thing you should be able to do is break down your clients finances into digestible information, make sure they understand what’s going on with their finances. The next step is telling them what to do with that information. 

This is why I think moving to the cloud was the best thing that happened to bookkeepers. From dealing with static historical data to live, real-time data, we’re able to catch trends which has only made entry to advisory easier.

How have you found LiveFlow?

I love it and most importantly my clients absolutely love LiveFlow! Since I’m saving time with my clients, it’s allowing me to delve deeper into advisory work. Instead of going back and forth with questions regarding data and reports, my clients have access to live reports with real-time data whenever they want using Google Sheets

How do you use LiveFlow?

Like I mentioned earlier, being a great advisor is being able to break down detailed financial data to digestible information to your clients, then telling them what to do next with that information at hand. So once reports are created with live data, we start to spot things. We use LiveFlow’s live data to set up customized dashboards to highlight the specific problem, so my clients can view changes on a regular basis. 

Check Tanya's P&L by Class Dashboard template that is updated in real time with LiveFlow below:

What’s your favourite thing about LiveFlow?

The product is amazing, and unlike other products it solves real pain points but I can’t speak about LiveFlow without mentioning their exceptional customer support! From onboarding to helping me set up live dashboards for my clients, they want to help me solve my problems. Not generic accounting problems. That attention to detail and curiosity to figure out what’s blocking me in providing the best service to my clients is what sets LiveFlow apart from the rest.

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