Display Your Reports by Class (and more) in LiveFlow 🚀

February 24, 2022

Display Your Reports by Class (and more) in LiveFlow 🚀

We’re excited to share a new update based on your feedback! You can now display your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow reports by Classes, Products/Services, Locations, Suppliers, and Employees 😍

How does this work?

Setting it up takes seconds, check out how to below 👇

  1. Open LiveFlow in your Google Sheet
  2. Go to Create report
  3. Click ‘Display columns by’
  4. Choose and select from Classes, Products/Services, Locations, Suppliers, and Employees

Here are 5 ways you can use this to drive value for your clients:

1. Class based P&L

If your clients split their income/expenses by class then this one’s for you! View your P&L by class and identify where each transaction belongs to group.

2.Customer based P&L

Identify transactions made by customers for your clients to understand the greater detail they need to optimise their business.

3. Departmental P&L

View your P&L by department (i.e. marketing, sales, ops, engineering etc) and help your clients get a better understanding of performance metrics by department.

4. Location based P&L

If your client has businesses in different locations, they’re most likely going to add their expenses into different classes. You can now distinguish between different classes and run individual P&L’s to compare performance.  

5. Area based P&L

Maybe your client has stores in different states/regions, no problem! You can run your P&L by area and compare the reports to give a breakdown by area performance. 

Here's what our customers had to say 👀

'This is excellent! We have several clients that split out their income/expenses by class and being able to specify which class each transaction belongs in is huge. And being able to group vendors will help when we're doing taxes. Thanks!'

'That is great news. Can the P&L also be displayed by customer?'

Yes it can! Try out our Google Sheets Add-on for free here.

Still have questions? Get in touch at founders@liveflow.io, we’d love to hear from you! 

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